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How to Manifest and Create the Life You Want

How to Manifest and Create the Life You Want Two gorgeous souls launched books this month with the aim of helping you create the life you want. Marie Forleo launched Everything is Figure Outable and Gabby Bernstein launched Super Attractor. These women are high energy, loads of fun, and full of wisdom for helping you[…]

Podcast Interview with Single Mum Survival Guide Author Vivienne Smith

Brilliant author, speaker, networking expert, and coach Vivienne Smith sat down with me (virtually that is) to talk about how she got started in her business. You can listen in on the podcast. She shares how she got started and her wisdom on overcoming inevitable obstacles when you are pursuing more than one passion. Vivienne[…]

7 Books for Growing Your Health Coaching Business

Books change your life. I have loved books since I could first read. Books opened up magical places and ideas for me and have served me well for my whole life. As an avid reader (I often read a book a day), I know the value of books and how a suggested book from a[…]

5 Simple Ways to Create a Happy, Joy-filled, and Profitable Biz

5 Simple Ways to Create a Happy, Joy-filled, and Profitable Biz It was a cold, but sunny day in December of 2007 when I first clicked the publish button on the website for my new coaching business. My business model at that time was coaching for an hourly or monthly rate to individual clients with a[…]

Grow Your List with this Collaborative Technique

Are you looking for new ways to grow your list? Or do you wonder why it is important to grow your list in the first place? I actually hear this one a lot. New biz owners will comment that they don’t understand why they need a list when they are active on social media. Or[…]

How to Grow Your Biz with Quizzes

Can you resist a quiz? Whether it is a quiz on what color describes your personality on Facebook or one that tells you your money profile or another one that helps you identify other personality traits,  quizzes are irresistible. Why are they so magnetic? Probably because they are interactive and customized. A quiz seems more[…]

Learn How to Predict Your Business Success

Throughout my career working with business owners and coaching business owners, I have observed the number one predictor of success is simply this: an owner’s possessing a don’t give up attitude.  People who last in business make it through cash flow crisis, self-doubt, changes in markets, changes in the economy, personal crisis, and more.  They[…]

44 Remarkable Quotes to Empower and Inspire Your Business Growth

44 Remarkable Quotes for Inspiring Business Growth. Growing a business requires a delicate balancing act between taking action, thinking and planning, and practicing work/life balance. Your happiness and self-care count, too.  Through ten years of coaching people, I have found that people who take care of themselves by practicing daily success rituals right away, early[…]

How to Change Three Mindset Blocks to Increase Your Results Now

Change these three mindset blocks and you’ll increase your results. I woke up this morning thinking about the blocks that people have when it comes to success. A block is a limiting belief that creates self-sabotaging behavior. Today, we’ll focus on three big blocks. They are “I can’t”. “I’m not worth it or I don’t[…]

21 Top Thoughts on Leadership and Mindset Mastery

21 Top Thoughts on Leadership and Mindset Mastery  Every person lives by looking through the lens of his or her view of the world, also referred to as a paradigm. Decisions are made based on this worldview. A change in or shift in your worldview often leads to dramatic growth. The biggest strides I have ever taken[…]

Are You Focused on Money In or Money Out?

Today, I am bringing a fantastic guest post to you from my good friend, Jeanna Gabellini. I just love her positive money vibe and her emphasis on fun. Enjoy! Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive commission. I only recommend what I[…]

Frankly, this surprised me

I have been home from my New Year’s trip to Cozumel, Mexico for about a week (if you are going, be sure to get your waterproof dive map for one of the best dive and snorkeling destinations).  I am sharing a pic above of one the spectacular sunsets at our resort. It definitely was a jolt[…]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It’s 2017. Make this year your signature year. Ten ways to start off your year in an amazing way. “Excellence encourages one about life generally; it shows the spiritual wealth of the world. ” George Eliot Practice excellence every day by giving your best effort. Set your priorities and your schedule based on[…]

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