Sheri’s Holiday Gift Picks

Happy Holidays

Here are a few of my Holiday favorite picks to brighten a loved one’s day or even to pamper yourself. (note: these are affiliate links and if you choose to click and purchase, I may earn a commission).

And Something For YOU:

New: The Clearing and Empowerment Workshop

The Clearing and Empowerment Workshop

The Clearing and Empowerment Live Virtual Workshop supports you in getting rid of mindset, energetic and emotional blocks, and obstacles that have been ruling your life and getting in the way of your success.

This course is for you if you want to live abundantly and live your life on your terms and experience the success that you want. Empower yourself and fuel your goals and dreams. In this course, you will:

  • Stop patterns of thinking and liberate yourself to go for what you really want. 
  • Overcome fear of failure, fear of rejection, plain old fear, fear of success, fear of being too busy, fear of being seen, fear of financial loss, safety fears, and more.
  • Release stress. Stress from the environment, politics, financial pressure, worries about health, polarizing opinions, past trauma, and more.
  • Activate your personal power so you are free to be and do what you want.
  • Activate your creativity, confidence, abundance, and inner guidance.
  • Create your own good luck.  
  • Just $97 or VIP $197 Learn More

The Art of Abundance eCourse just $17

This course is for learning how to attract what you really want- especially those elusive, stubborn wishes. Learn More

How to increase and maintain your attraction point to match what you want to manifest. Discover the beliefs that support attracting your ideal life.

Access your highest self and learn how to work with the creativity of the Universe/Source  For More Info

Or You Just Might Love the Living Your Vision Course Bundle

Living Your Vision eCourse

With the Finding Your Greatness eCourse as a Bonus Gift Just $97

The Living Your Vision Course is for creating your optimal life. 

This course is for creating and fulfilling your dream. Make your dreams your reality instead of a some day idea.

Set your vision for your life in motion. Move from trying to be just a little bit better and shift to deliberately creating the life you want at the level you want.  

Most people are not purposely thinking small, they just have never considered or allowed themselves to think bigger or even on an epic level. Even big thinkers, perhaps you are one of them, often say, “I just don’t have time to devote to developing a detailed vision of how I want my life to be.”  

What is stopping you from creating your vision the way you really want it?  

What if you let go of anything that is stopping or blocking you?  

What if you stepped into your creative zone and designed a compelling vision that drove all of your daily habits and decisions?  

Discover how to create your vision that leads to the action steps to make it happen. This is about you being a deliberate creator instead of a “life is happening to me-er”.* If you would love to have a compelling vision join me for this four-week course. Get clear and focused and create your vision. Learn More