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Business Coach and Life Strategist  known for inspiring  business growth,  personal development, leadership, happiness, and profits in a way that is fun, relaxing, and fulfilling, Sheri Kaye Hoff inspires coaches, consultants, service based business owners, heart centered small biz, and professionals to get more clients, help more people, and do work they love, so they can make a bigger impact.. She is a near death and trauma survivor. Learn more about Sheri


The Living Joyfully Show Podcast with Sheri 

Learn how to create more joy and success. Be a happy, joyful biz owner or whatever you are doing to fulfill your purpose.Sheri tackles subjects like self-sabotage, attachment, letting go, coming back to calm, getting clear, money mindset, creating happiness and more. You can also get this podcast on itunes

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140 Powerful Affirmations 

Free. Activate new beliefs, love, and abundance

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The INSPIRE Course, a spiritual and practical approach with a clear plan for making a bigger impact, creating magic and miracles in your life, booking more clients, and making more money so you can live a happy, successful lifestyle with freedom of schedule.

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Book More Clients in Two Weeks or Less

Book more clients and make more money with less stress. 31 Ways to make more money in your biz. Free Guide.

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Spirit Coach

When clients want to do the work on themselves from a spiritual perspective,  it helps to use a spiritual coaching model.  In this 8 module course, you will learn how to help yourself and/or clients to: Find out who you are, what you value, and your spiritual connection within Explore your relationship to the Universe Discover what the essence of love, joy, abundance, and happiness are in your life. Understand life through a spiritual perspective Move from victim mentality to total responsibility Discover the meaning of your life Explore your spiritual gifts Explore your connection to the Divine/Source/God Learn about spiritual healing And more.


Would you love to take more Inspired Action and challenge your beliefs about what you can do? Get your first quarter and beyond planned? Get help and support? Do less to achieve more? Up level your beliefs about money and success? Plus develop at least one or two new ideas? Find a way to make the time for vacation and renewal? You can work on this and more with this coaching package of five 30 minute one on one sessions with Sheri Kaye Hoff.

Super Charge Your Life One on One Coaching Package
Breakthrough Coaching

The Break Through Coaching Package is for your next step in your biz or life. Get clear on what you want. Initiate the inspired action steps that will get you results.This is a one on one coaching intensive 2 hour session

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The Art of Abundance Course

The Art of Attracting Abundance and Prosperity This course is for learning how to attract what you really want- especially those elusive, stubborn wishes. How to increase and maintain your attraction point to match what you want to manifest. Discover the beliefs that support attracting your ideal life. Find out what has been stopping you from manifesting your dreams and goals.   Learn how to open your receiving channels for abundance and speed up your attracting process. Access your highest self and learn how to work with the creativity of the Universe/Source Discover how to activate your personal attracting power. This is about you being a deliberate creator instead of a "life is happening to me-er".* If you would love to be better at attracting your goals, join me for this four module course

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Inner Circle VIP Program

The Inner Circle VIP is for creating and living your vision for your biz and life. It's for: Developing the power to start creating and feeling more everyday joy. Planning, attaining your goals and, making more money. Attracting optimal clients. Tapping into your creative flow, prosperity, and abundance. Creating new, powerful stories that move your life and biz forward. Setting short, mid term, and long term goals that make sense for you. Developing self-awareness, mindset mastery, and emotional intelligence. 12 month program. 

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You Can Heal: Lessons from Nearly Dying, Daily Miracles, and Inner Peace

The journey began for Author, Coach, and Life Strategist Sheri Kaye Hoff, as she faced a dire diagnosis, then a miraculous healing. After coaching people for over twenty years, she began to use every tool, every part of her deep faith, and total love for her family to save her own life. What happened is a recipe for anyone looking for hope and inspiration after a personal crisis. This ebook includes 90 short daily lessons to practice feeling joy and truly living life no matter what is going on.

Keys to Living Joyfully Book

Keys to Living Joyfully, gives you tools, techniques, and inspiration for: moving from loss/disappointment to joy; working while inspired; viewing time as a moldable gift; living joyfully no matter what is going on in your life; cultivating gratitude; growing your spiritual life; developing awareness; cultivating thoughts that work for you and not against you; and so much more. The book is filled with journaling prompts, exercises, and places to write in your thoughts.

Living Your Vision Course

The Living Your Vision Course is for creating your optimal life.  This course is for creating and fulfilling your dream. Make your dreams your reality instead of a some day idea. Set your vision for your life in motion. Move from trying to be just a little bit better and shift to deliberately creating the life you want at the level you want.   Most people are not purposely thinking small, they just have never considered or allowed themselves to think bigger or even on an epic level. Even big thinkers, perhaps you are one of them, often say, "I just don't have time to devote to developing a detailed vision of how I want my life to be."   What is stopping you from creating your vision the way you really want it?   What if you let go of anything that is stopping or blocking you?   What if you stepped into your creative zone and designed a compelling vision that drove all of your daily habits and decisions?   Discover how to create your vision that leads into the action steps to make it happen. This is about you being a deliberate creator instead of a "life is happening to me-er".* If you would love to have a compelling vision join me for this four week course. Get clear and focused and create your vision.

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