How to Grow Your Biz with Quizzes

Grow Your Biz With Quizzes

Can you resist a quiz? Whether it is a quiz on what color describes your personality on Facebook or one that tells you your money profile or another one that helps you identify other personality traits,  quizzes are irresistible. Why are they so magnetic? Probably because they are interactive and customized. A quiz seems more personal and with all of the information bombarding us, it’s nice to be asked some questions. It feels caring and supportive.

If you have been studying from other entrepreneurs, you have most likely noticed the use of quizzes in marketing materials. You answer the questions, and to get your results, you are asked to enter your email.  I don’t know about you, but if I put the effort into taking the quiz, I want my results. Using quizzes in a smart way is a great way to build your email list and create more of that know, like, and trust factor because you are providing a more customized experience for your subscriber.

Have you wondered how they create these quizzes without hiring their own developers?

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Enter  Interact. Interact provides an easy to use format for creating quizzes from scratch and interact also has multiple quiz templates that you can use as-is or customize them.  You can see and test out the first quiz I created using Interact here.

Here are the features I loved:

First of all, you get a free trial to see if your user experience works for you.

I also appreciated that I can personally brand my quizzes with my logo.

I could also choose a template and then customize the questions, answers, and results if I chose to do it.

I found a huge library of quiz templates across every major category.

The template quizzes look very professional. From my perspective,  I have training on curriculum and quiz development, and in my opinion, the results matched the answers to the questions for the premade templates that I previewed.

Interact has a WordPress plugin so you can easily embed your quiz on a page instead of using the quiz Url. If you view my quiz, you will see it is embedded on a WordPress page.

You can also embed the quiz on non-WordPress sites using iframe coding that is given to you when you finish creating your quiz.

You can connect the quiz to your email management. This process was straight forward and easily walked you through the steps. I used Active Campaign to connect to Interact. I needed my API key and API Url.  I found this in my active campaign account settings (note that when you create the quiz, if you want to set up an automated sequence you have to create that part with your email management, so it is a good idea to think about that a bit ahead of time). I created a very simple email response to go out when a new person subscribes to the quiz results because I can go back in and add more to that automated sequence.

On the result page that your quiz taker lands on based on his or her quiz answers, you can create a call to action for each different type of result. I used this button to direct each result type (or archetype) to an article on my blog that would be most helpful for that type. You can also create tags for your email provider based on the quiz results so you can follow up later or schedule an auto sequence for each different type.

Another note, if you do not do anything on the technical side of your business, you would have your VA or admin staff create the quiz.

If you plan to create a quiz from scratch, I recommend that you walk through using a template first, so you get the feeling for navigating through the process.

It took me about an hour to create my first quiz because I customized it a bit and I also created the email autoresponder.

Here are some additional tips for using Interact

When you sign up for your free trial, jump right in by selecting a quiz template. You learn by doing. As you learn how to create quizzes, you are creating a quiz as you go through the process.

(Again, I highly suggest that you first go through the process using a template)If you want to start a quiz from scratch: 

  • You will need to think about what you want your person to learn about themselves and how it aligns with your business solutions that you offer.
  • You will need to create five to 6 questions, and you will need to create answers for each question that match to a result archetype. So, when you ask a question, and you have four result archetypes, you will need four possible answers for your person to choose from.
  • So, when you ask a question, and you have four result archetypes, you will need four possible answers for your person to choose from.
  • As you can see, creating a quiz from scratch creates some deep thinking. If you already have a quiz that people take manually, you could use that quiz as an outline to create a fully custom quiz.

Interact also provides a best practices guide for creating and using quizzes and as you walk through the steps to create the quiz, you even receive suggestions for follow up email autoresponders with the time/day sequence included.

The best part of the whole experience is finding an easy to use way to create quizzes for list building and relationship building purposes.  If you start a free trial and you like it, the monthly payment options are reasonable.

If you have been looking for a way to effectively grow your list,  I highly recommend Interact. Go here to create your first quiz.

If you would like additional help growing your biz, book a free biz growth session with me.

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