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How to Create and Maintain a High Energy Life and Attract What You Want

Your energy level affects your ability to attract what you want in life. Creating high energy and high enthusiasm attracts the highest and best to you and your people. Have you felt energetic lately or do you feel exhausted and drained or sort of “meh”? This is something you can change quickly with a few[…]

The Secret Sauce for Success, Abundance, and Living a Happy Life

Love More, Practice Unconditional Love Almost every situation (at work, at home) could be improved by adding more love. I don’t mean romantic love between partners. I am talking about a deep love; unconditional love, as a verb, an act, instead of a feeling. Unconditional love means love without condition. You love to be loving[…]

Day 10 of 12 Days of Christmas Staying Focused and Centered

Day 10 of 12 Days of Christmas How to Stay Focused, Centered,  and Grounded so… You can enjoy your Holidays and truly be present in the moment. You probably have a lot on your schedule over the next few days. Maybe you have a few last-minute presents to buy, food to cook, parties to attend,[…]

How to Magnetize Money in Your Biz and Life

  The Art of Magnetizing Money. Have you ever known someone who just seems to have a golden touch? Everything they touch turns to gold. Did you know you can create this golden touch for yourself? Through changing your thoughts and actions you can practice what I like to call- The Art of Magnetizing Money.[…]

Happiness is Linked to Your Bottom Line

  “I’ll be so happy when….” (fill in the blank). You probably filled in the blank with things like: “I finish school. My home is sold. When I buy my home. When I buy my next car. When I pay off all of my debt. When my business takes off. When I lose weight. When[…]

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