How to Create and Maintain a High Energy Life and Attract What You Want
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Your energy level affects your ability to attract what you want in life. Creating high energy and high enthusiasm attracts the highest and best to you and your people. Have you felt energetic lately or do you feel exhausted and drained or sort of “meh”? This is something you can change quickly with a few adjustments.

Your energy and enthusiasm in your life bring everything together and make life work. Or if your energy is low, life can become difficult.

You can do a check-in right now. Reflect on these questions.

How clear is your mindset? How positive are you? Do you feel mentally alert?

How physically healthy do you feel? Do you have energy? Do you wake up and have enough energy to get started and move through your day? Do you mostly feel energized, strong, flexible, and fit?

Do you feel like you have a clear conscience and inner peace? Do you feel like you have a strong spiritual connection? Are you manifesting the life you want?

Where do you need to improve?

Let’s look at some of the biggest energy drains.


Consider whether or not you have a multitude of incomplete things hanging over your head. Maybe you have a stack of bills that you haven’t opened; maybe there are repairs that need to be done in your home; maybe there is car maintenance; maybe there are meetings that you postponed. That feeling of being incomplete often seems to suck the life out of a person and it adds to overwhelm.

 The “shoulds” we place on ourselves drain our energy

  • I should be exercising;
  • I should be looking for a better job;
  • I should make more money
  • I should be nice to this person; etc.

“I should be” – whatever. Many of us have long, laundry lists of “shoulds” that make us feel like failures and that we never measure up to a certain standard.   Think about all of the “shoulds” that you have in your own personal story.

Everyone has their list of shoulds. Check-in and see what kind of shoulds you have in your life. Oftentimes, when we think of the word should, we can almost hear our mothers’ voices. And the should usually arise from someone else’s goal and we resist it.  That’s why it’s a should, instead of an I want to or, I am doing” or, I am going to do.

A should could also be an unrealistic expectation that we have of ourselves. Change your expectation in your life to you will be doing the things that you want to do, the things that are deeply important to you and align with your core values.

If you are continuing your education because you feel like it’s something you should do, this is completely different than continuing your education because it’s a passion for you.

If you accept a promotion at work because you just think it’s the next logical step in something you should do, it’s different than really wanting that promotion and being excited about it.


Not speaking your truth

When you are going through life not speaking your truth or you say, “Everything’s okay” or “That’s okay,” or “That doesn’t matter”, or, “No big deal.” you drain your energy.  Make a commitment to speak your truth. However, speaking your truth doesn’t mean you have to be argumentative and it doesn’t have to make someone else wrong.

If you do not want to do something, make it about the fact that you do not want to do it, not that the other person is so awful for asking.

If you want to go somewhere, if you are planning a vacation and you have strong feelings, speak your truth to your family. If you are in a meeting and someone says something upsetting, find a way to speak your truth.  You can still be gentle with your truth.  You could say, “Your comments made me uncomfortable.”

One of the things that I remember well about living at home with my Dad is he had no problems saying no. If he did not want to do something, he would just say, “no” and he did not explain why, it was just no, and his voice did not rise, he was not angry. He did not feel like he had to explain and I do not think anyone ever really asked him to explain.

Sometimes when we are trying to speak our truth, we back-pedal into it. Be empowered to clearly say, “This is the truth for me,” and recognize that it is your truth.  Your truth can be different from another person’s truth. You could both be right.

What about clutter?

Clean up some clutter and notice how you feel once you do.

Keeping too many things from the past is not something that is energy-productive. For instance, if you have a collection of boxes in your basement or your garage and you have not touched them or gone through them in years, essentially you have dead energy sitting there.

There are things that we keep for the memories, such as scrapbooks, photos, memorabilia, and we may not look through them on a regular basis. However, there is a lot of stuff we have and we do not even know why we keep it. Tidy things up, get rid of things, organize, and you will feel an instant boost in your energy. If you struggle with this, get help from an expert organizer or a book. Try (amazon aff link) Marie Kondo’s book.


If you are constantly delaying and putting things off, you have a procrastination habit and it can pull and suck the energy right out of you.

If you have been putting something off and not addressing the issues, ask, “Could I just make even a small start on this?  Will I see a boost in it in energy if I just start on this project? What if I could do one thing towards getting it done?”

A sedentary lifestyle.

If you sit mostly for work and then you sit for your entertainment through the television or the computer and you are never outside, and you are rarely moving your body; you will not feel very energetic. So the antidote to that, of course, is to move your body

But one of the things that people do is they say, “Oh, I’ve got to exercise; I’ve got to join a gym. And when am I going to find time to do it and what gym am I going to join?” Truthfully, you could just walk around the block. Ten minutes of moving your body are enough to get your energy to lift.

Moving your body can include things like getting up and stretching; or doing some push-ups against your dresser. When you move your body, try to do things that move your entire body.  Try dance, Zumba, or yoga. Look through magazines or surf the internet or try an app for ideas on how to move your body.

I was listening to a speaker who was in her 70’s. She said when she was growing up, people did not talk about exercise, they moved. They did real activities and they had fun. They went for walks and they had fun. They rode bikes and they had fun. They did not say, “Oh, I have to get my 30 minutes of cardio in,” If you can take yourself back to doing things, moving your body because it is fun this will also be a boost for your energy.

Too many stimulants

Medications, coffee, television, too much sugar, too many carbs. Then, you get exhausted or have a hard time settling down. Note: some medicines make you tired. If that is the case, take those before bed if it is okay with your doctor.

You may want to find a nutritionist who is focused on the quality of foods that you eat instead of calories. There is a big difference between eating a low-calorie diet and eating a diet with high-quality foods.

Toxic people (energy vampires)

Avoid or minimize your exposure to toxic people. How do you know if someone is toxic? Notice what happens to the energy of the room as soon as he or she walks in or starts talking. These people are your complainers, blamers, drama queens, narcissists, pessimists or anyone who chooses to be stuck in victim-mode mentality. These are (amazon aff link) energy vampires.

If you must spend time with an energy vampire, practice excellent self-care so you are your strongest version of yourself.

Your own set of beliefs

Your own limiting beliefs drain you. Do you feel like you are not worthy, or no matter what you do you cannot get ahead? Work on your limiting beliefs.

Energy Boosting Activities

Keep a list of energy-boosting activities so that when you feel low, you can try one of these instead of reaching for a doughnut or that third or fourth cup of coffee.

Complete one task

The first one is to complete one task that is hanging over your head.  Write down one task that you commit to completing today. Just start on it as soon as you finish this article.

Organize one small area

Organize a file or dresser drawer. I like this one because it is simple and contained. If I said, “Organize your closet,” for some people who can barely shut their closet door that might be completely overwhelming. If you look at one drawer or one file, that is something that could be completed in a short window of time.

Here is a  little prosperity tip to go along with the dresser-drawer activity: leave one drawer empty and the same with a closet:  leave one closet shelf empty.  When you create room for something new, then that something new will appear in your life.

Do one part of a large project

Do one part of a large project. I’ll give you a book example. Instead of looking at the entire book project, start by making an outline or gathering resources, or writing the first paragraph.

Another example: If you are looking for a job, conduct some internet searches on jobs that are available in your area or jobs that are interesting to you. An additional example of doing one item to help your job search might be to revamp your resume. Everyone, even if you own your own business, should always have a current resume. Revisit your resume at least quarterly, or even monthly. Make sure that you look at that resume and update it regularly.  Here is what typically happens: someone gets a job and then they are in place for a year or two years. When they decide that they want to look for another job, that’s when they think about their resume and realize that they have extensive revisions to do to update it.

Maintain your positive career and work energy by keeping your resume organized and updated. This is a sign that you are always ready for your next career opportunity. You could make it a point to add to your resume every time you accomplish something. If you earn a promotion, if you complete training, if you win an award, add it as it happens. Make sure that you keep your resume document backed up, too. Keep a copy on your computer, a copy on your email, an external hard drive or jump drive,  and then in online storage somewhere.

Forgive More. Love More.

Say I love you. Say I forgive you (to yourself too).

Each day people say or do things that can make you a little bit or alot crazy or irritated if you let it. What do we typically do about it? Oftentimes we go on and on with negative thoughts: “Oh I can’t believe no one took the trash out; I can’t believe that the neighbor parked his car in my spot,” “He never listens” and so on and resentment builds.

Mentally think, “I love you.”  “I forgive you,” and you will free and clear your energy.

There is a Hawaiian principle called ho’oponopono based on these four statements:

  • I love you,
  • I am sorry,
  • Please forgive me,
  • Thank you.

You can use these statements as a mantra to clear and clean your energy.  Of these four statements, in my experience, people sometimes have problems with the I am sorry part. This is true especially if people have been in terrible abusive relationships and they feel like they should not have to apologize in any way.

I look at the statement I am sorry as I am sorry for whatever piece I had in the whole scope of the universe in creating any of the issues that I have today.

I view the statement please forgive me as please forgive me to the whole universe. You are asking for forgiveness, for anything that you have done that got in the way of your own or anyone else’s highest good.

And the I love you and thank you are self- explanatory. Love and gratitude are high energy states of being.

Some people like to use “thank you, thank you, thank you…” as their mantra and that works, too.

Try the ho’oponopono Hawaiian principle. It has been discussed by Dr. Hew Len in a book(Amazon aff link) Zero-Limits. It’s an ancient principle. Try it and see what happens.

If you feel like you are in a toxic environment at work or anywhere, try using the 4 statements to create an energetic shift for not just you but for everybody.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

When you use (amazon aff link) Emotional freedom technique it helps lift and clear your energy. You will also lock in new beliefs. Try this podcast with EFT to Come Back to Calm

Make an effort to keep your energy and the energy of your team and family high. Clear, clean, and boost often.

Then the next question is, now “What do I want to manifest?” Check out this article on the Art of Manifesting.

Create your own list of activities that you can effectively create high energy and high enthusiasm. Then, when you need it, you will have ideas at your fingertips.

If you liked this, you will love my business coaching INSPIRE group.

In Happiness,

Sheri Kaye Hoff

Coach, Trainer, and Author, Sheri Kaye Hoff, is a Business Coach known for inspiring massive action and a catalyst for personal and business growth, joy, and profits in a way that is fun, relaxing, and fulfilling, Sheri inspires people to do the work they love and make more money. Sheri offers business and mindset coaching for business owners and professionals ( including life coaches, health coaches, creatives, personal coaches, spiritual entrepreneurs, consultants, and more) to relax into success. She uses both spiritual and practical techniques to obliterate blocks and create dramatic change. She is a business, leadership, happiness, and mindset expert. She has overcome nearly dying, and the loss of her brother at an early age. She has made it her life mission to discover the keys to happiness and success and then share them with her clients and community. Learn More About Sheri

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How to Create and Maintain a High Energy Life and Attract What You Want

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