Shift Your Old Money Story and Create a Powerful New One

Shift Your Old Money Story and Create a Powerful New One

How to Shift Your Money Story.

Your money story dramatically impacts your life and your money story keeps you repeating the same habits. Let’s completely shift your money story here today. I know that is a bold, bold goal, but I’m all about bold goals. This article is full of exercises and action steps you can take to create a new money story in your life.

Centering and Focusing Exercise.

First, take a breath. Take a nice deep breath in. And release.

You absolutely can change your money story and I know a lot of you already have been doing some work in this area. Let’s do an exercise to start shifting your energy.

Put your hands at your temples. Push in at those temples a little bit and then pull your hands around the back of your ears and down behind your ears to the base of your neck in a massaging motion.

And then CLASP your hands together behind your neck. If you can’t clasp because you don’t have that flexibility, that’s OK. But then pull your elbows down and move your hands forward along the side of your neck like you are giving yourself a neck massage and then shake your hands out and then put both hands over your heart. Now that you have the hang of the exercise, try it again.

Finish with a nice deep breath.

Sometimes when you are working, you just forget to breathe deeply or you might even hold your breath. When it comes to your money story, you may feel like you’re struggling or maybe you are doing really well compared to what everyone else thinks, but you still have a struggle around some of your ideas about money, like sometimes people who have money might constantly worry about losing it or that they’re not making good decisions about the money that they do have. Today, the goal is for you to shift away from old money stories and shift into a positive new money story.

Your Old Money Story

First, let’s look at your old money story. What is the story you have been telling about your money?

Some stories might be… money is for others. If I have money, it means someone else must go without. If I have money, I will probably lose it. It’s hard to make money. I can only make money if that is my main focus in life, I’m not organized enough to make money. Money is exhausting etc. Notice the phrases you use. Money doesn’t grow on trees. I am not Rockefeller or a Kardashian. I am not an ATM machine. I can never have anything nice. Two steps forward, one step back, etc.

It’s those phrases that come up that are telling the old money story that you want to shift. Why not let it dissolve? You can replace the old story with a new positive story because the truth is, if you’re here today, you’ve made it through everything that has happened before.

Every financial setback, every little blip in your life, if you’re here today and you’re reading this article, you have made it through all of that. So why waste days, hours, weeks, or months being in a funk, worrying about what could possibly happen when it out works out anyway? It always works out. You always find a way. So why put yourself through any sort of torture?

We are meaning-makers in our lives. You and I create the meaning in our lives. So, when you look at that feeling of hard work- ask what if this wasn’t hard? What if there could be some ease here?

Ask the question, how can I do this in a joyful way that helps shift that feeling away from the feeling that this is hard work? You can make anything hard or make anything easy.

How do you feel about money right now?

Where do you feel it in your body? It’s one of the reasons why we did the neck exercise in the beginning because a lot of people feel their money story in their neck or low back  Close your eyes and do a body scan and check-in. Where you feel your money story. And also notice what triggers come up. Some of your triggers might be thoughts that you aren’t good enough, or you are missing something, or you are in constant debt.

Tapping Exercise- (If you haven’t tapped before, check out the video below)

There isn’t really a wrong way to do it. Even if you stay tapping on one point (called modified tapping)

Tapping turnaround statement (karate chop point):

Even though I have old money beliefs that no longer serve me,  I love and accept myself.(say three times)

[And then move to a tapping point. (start above your eye) Repeat each statement below one time and then move to a different tapping point.

Break it Down- you are processing through your feelings

All these old beliefs.

They’re stuck in my head and my body.

I believe I have to work hard to make money. It’s a lot of hard work.

I’m doing something wrong. I’m not organized enough.

Money is for other people and not me.

There’s something wrong with me.

I don’t have anything that’s worth anything to offer.

All this guilt. All this stress. So much stress.

I am in the debt circle. So much debt.

This debt is overwhelming.

I must be doing something wrong

Sometimes I think money is dirty.

Money is not something to talk about.

I worry about paying bills.

It’s so much. So much pressure.

All these feelings are completely normal.

I love honor and accept myself.

(Next is The Bridge to Better Feeling Thoughts) Repeat each one time while tapping.

Sometimes I’m great at attracting money.

I have days where the money flows in.

I have days where I believe in my heart that everything will work out. I know I’m capable of change.

I’m open to changing. I’m open to letting go.

I’m open to releasing this old, old, old money story.

I can let it go. I can release. It’s easy to release it. It’s as easy as breathing.

I can release the story now.

I can let go.

(Lock in New Beliefs- repeat each one time while tapping)

On a cellular and DNA level, I’m releasing this old money story now.

On a cellular and DNA level, I’m activating a new money story.

I’m activating limitless possibilities.

I’m activating abundance.

On a cellular and DNA level, I’m activating paid in full.

On a cellular and DNA level, I’m activating lucrative offers.

On a cellular and DNA level, I’m activating magnetic marketing.

On a cellular and DNA level, I’m activating ease and flow.

On a cellular and DNA level, I’m activating wide open receiving channels. I’m open to receiving money now. I’m open to all of my good.

I’m open to a new, more powerful money story.

I am healthy. I am wealthy.

I am full of wisdom.

Everything is always working out for me.

Everything I touch prospers and succeeds.

All is well.

And so it is.

Go ahead and take a nice deep breath in and out.

Check in:  Think about where you were feeling the money pressure in your body and notice how that feels now.

Create a New Story

You are the meaning maker. You can change the meaning. Let’s bring in a new story.

For instance, if you feel like you’ve been irresponsible with money, see how you can potentially turn it around and reframe it. For example, you could reframe it to: this is a great opportunity to learn.

Are you showing up in a way that allows wealth? This is not about working harder, but it’s about showing up fully.

An example of a new story for “I have to work hard to make money”: Money comes to me easily, naturally, organically, and frequently. I’m a money magnet. Every piece of work I do, money comes back to me one thousand-fold.

The more you can actually start releasing the old and embracing a new story, the better you will feel. And a new story is a story full of possibilities. Most people usually think in terms of their limitations. For example, the thoughts:  Oh, I could never do that. I don’t have the time for that. I don’t have the help for that. I don’t have the money to invest. So get in the habit of saying: What’s possible? Or,  If this was limitless, what could happen?

Another piece about creating your new story is looking at the creativity of the universe. We live in a creative universe. You can open up to possibilities and opportunities that are mind-blowing.

Journal prompts:

Stop thinking in minimums. What do you really want instead of the minimum that would get you by? If you could ask for anything right now, what would that big ask be?

New Money Story Exercise- 7 Days of 77:

If you really want to massively shift for the next seven days starting today, I want you to create 77 positive money affirmations and write them out seven days in a row and say each affirmation three times, and you can also tap the affirmation, too. I could write 77 positive money affirmations for you. But I want you to create them yourself because the affirmations are going to be corrections for what’s already happening in your life. And the affirmations are going to be things that really matter to you.

When writing affirmations, I am, is really powerful. You can use the words I am in the process of… Sometimes that helps. For example, I am in the process of creating new programs. I am in the process of writing a book. Sometimes writing I am in the process of…creates more belief. You can also use… I am so happy and so thankful now that… You can write affirmations in the past tense. For example, I am so happy and so thankful now that I paid…

Writing in the past tense creates that feeling that it’s taken care of already. This helps your mind to believe it to be true.

You don’t have to write seventy-seven times seven. You don’t have to come up with 77 new affirmations every day. You can write out 77 and you can write out the same ones seven days in a row. You could also read the same ones 7 days in a row. However, there is a wildly creative thing that happens when you’re writing. Get into it. Have fun with it.

New Money Story Tapping Exercise to Shift Resistance:

Turnaround statement (karate chop)

Even though I am resisting my new story. I love and accept myself (three times).

Break it down (say each once while tapping):

Why am I resisting?

My new story is exciting.

But there’s a part of me.

That feels like I need to be logical.

I need to look at the facts. I need to face the facts. I need to face reality. And that’s a big downer.

And it’s stressful.

All these feelings are completely normal.

I love honor and accept myself.

The Bridge (each statement one time while tapping)

I know I can create a new story.

I have already started.

I do love it. I am willing to let go of the resistance.

I am open to understanding that I am the meaning maker in my life.

The only reality is the meaning I assign to things.

When I think I am facing facts. I am actually assigning meaning.

I have a choice over the meaning I have assigned.

I know I am the meaning maker.

Lock in New Beliefs (say each one time while tapping)

On a cellular and DNA level, I am activating my powerful new money story.

My offers are priceless.

The possibilities are limitless.

On a cellular and DNA level, I am releasing my old money story.

On a cellular and DNA level, I am activating a powerful new meaning.

I am abundant. I am successful. 

Everything is always working out for me.

Everything I touch prospers and succeeds. All is well. And so it is.

Nice deep breath.

With these tapping exercises,  journal prompts, and energy exercises, you are well on your way to creating and living a powerful new money story.

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In Happiness,

Sheri Kaye Hoff

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