How to Get Rid of the Blahs and Find Your Inspiration

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Day 1 of 5 Days of Joy and Bliss

If you ever had the “blahs” where everything just feels like “meh” and you don’t feel passion or inspiration, this is the place for you today.  It almost feels worse to feel “meh” than to deal with a big problem or crisis. A big problem or crisis at least sends adrenaline going through your body and you feel something and your survival and problem-solving skills go into overdrive. But when things are just so-so, life can seem boring and stale. You may even be procrastinating or maybe not experiencing much joy. At this time of year when people are singing happy songs and being in the Christmas spirit, you wonder where your own personal joy and merriment are.  (Please note: lacking passion and inspiration can also be a sign of depression or other medical conditions, so please check with your medical professional if this has been a long-term issue for you).

You can move from “meh” to “wow” and not just for the holidays but anytime you want to make that shift. 

Sometimes a lack of passion or inspiration stems from your work or career. Maybe you need a new challenge or you are doing work only for the money.  Or maybe you have been in the same routine for a long time and nothing feels new or exciting. Sometimes you may feel beaten down by life, especially if you have tried many things that didn’t work the way you wanted or you did not feel like you were supported so you are afraid to really go for it in your life in a big way.  Regardless of why you feel “meh”, you can move to that state of “wow”. 

Do you remember the first time you saw a carousel at an amusement park? Or the first time you went to the zoo? Or held a puppy? Or held a baby? Or rode a bike? Or saw a ballet like the Nutcracker? Or saw a play on or off-broadway? Or a place like the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls? That “wow’ feeling just washes over you. So even if it has been a while, you know that wow feeling.

What does the kind of passion and inspired action look like that transforms your life to a “wow”? Your work feels like play. It’s hard to distinguish the difference. You are so lost in your work and loving it that you lose track of time. Time doesn’t seem to exist. You wake up and look forward to the day.  You enjoy your work and are proud of what you are creating. You have the energy for the people you love. You read about the topics you love. Life is an adventure and a beautiful ride and not a grind. 

Most of us don’t operate from a place of total passion and inspired action all of the time. That’s okay and totally normal. So if you are accustomed to passion and then end up feeling sort of “meh”, know that it is temporary and you can get your passion and inspiration back. If you have been a “meh” person for a lot of your life, you can spark passion and inspiration, too. 

Here are some steps to help ignite passion and inspiration:

  • Accept where you are right now. Don’t try to fight your feelings. Acknowledge the feelings and then you can move through them.
  • Love yourself right now. You don’t have to do or be anything to love yourself. Love your humanity. Love your uniqueness. 
  • Forgive yourself right now. Don’t punish, shame, or beat yourself up for inaction or tell yourself you should know better. It’s okay. Extend the same forgiveness to you that you would to others. 
  • Let go of self-judgment. Avoid comparing yourself to other people. 
  • Leave the past in the past. It doesn’t exist anymore. Decide you are not giving your past any power over your now. 
  • Ask questions in a daily journal- What is my next step? What excites me? What would make today great? What do I love doing? What is my big why for my goals in my life? What would my life look like if I was full of passion and inspired action?
  • Be open and ready for inspiration. Keep a notebook handy. 
  • Practice centering and mindfulness moments.
  • Change one thing.
  • Choose daily habits that support inspired action and use a habit tracker.  Track things that support your success like reading, workouts, gratitude, writing, journaling, meditating, and anything else you want to include. My habit tracker includes a line that says – no stress-eating. Customize your new habits just for you.  You might like this habit tracker from Amazon
  • Take three action steps each day. Action creates momentum and often momentum creates inspired action. 

Journal Prompt:

What is one action step that feels fun and exciting?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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How to Get Rid of the Blahs and Find Your Inspiration

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  1. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard it phrased “track things that support your success” before. That’s a helpful perspective. Also, often when I am feeling “meh,” it can mean that I need to go to bed earlier/get more sleep.

  2. Thank you Sheri!!!
    You create my absolute favorite Holiday Blogs!
    Your Blog gift offered so much inspiration and tos to spoke any form of dead passionA
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