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3 Steps to Managing Your Emotions During Difficult Challenges

3 Steps for Managing Your Emotions During Difficult Challenges Sometimes life gets hard. We face not just the everyday stress, but something big and unpredictable happens. That something big could be a hurricane, a sudden medical emergency, a relationship in crisis or something else.  Your world is rocked. Life gets tense and confusing. How can[…]

Expert Ideas for Creating a Successful Mindset

Mindset matters. Your inner game determines the actions that you take each day. When you keep your thoughts and actions going in the direction of fulfillment of your deepest desires, dreams, and goals, you unlock your potential for success. I gathered a group of successful people with different professional backgrounds and industries and asked them[…]

5 Surprisingly Simple Steps to Increase Your Abundance

Living abundantly is a state of mind. Living abundantly is a choice. Create an abundant and prosperous mindset through daily focus and loving the present moment. A huge key to abundance is being open to receiving. Notice if you feel open to the good things and thoughts that are coming your way. Can you accept[…]

Grow Your List with this Collaborative Technique

Are you looking for new ways to grow your list? Or do you wonder why it is important to grow your list in the first place? I actually hear this one a lot. New biz owners will comment that they don’t understand why they need a list when they are active on social media. Or[…]

Simple, Effective, Painless Strategies for Business and Personal Planning

Would you love to crack the code on being able to accomplish what you really want? It starts with planning.  Define your values, define your goals based on your values, and create a plan for achieving those goals.  When you do this, you create a map for manifesting what you want in life. Get to[…]

10 Ways to Be Happy Today

Here are ten, simple fun ways to get the happiness flowing: 1. Watch a video of a baby laughing 2. Watch a video of kittens playing (or puppies) 3. Water some flowers 4. Look through a few photo albums or your photo album on facebook. Remember, smile, laugh. 5. Hug someone for a really long[…]

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