Expert Ideas for Creating a Successful Mindset

Mindset matters. Your inner game determines the actions that you take each day. When you keep your thoughts and actions going in the direction of fulfillment of your deepest desires, dreams, and goals, you unlock your potential for success.

I gathered a group of successful people with different professional backgrounds and industries and asked them this question: “How do you stay focused on a success mindset? Here is what they said.

Katrine Horn Purpose Coach

The thing about achieving success is to generate enough motivation so that you don’t quit when the going gets tough. Convincing your conscious mind that success is desirable is all very well, but one way not to rely solely on willpower to carry you through is to also get your subconscious mind on board. One way of making these two parts of your mind work together is to write things down.

To achieve success in any area, you need to have a specific outcome in mind. Let’s say you want to find and to move into your dream house! You could write down how many rooms you’d like your dream house to have, the location, the price etc. Then you could write down the action steps that would take you to your dream house. These are all necessary steps in constructing your path to success, but if you want to increase your chances of success, you also need to involve your subconscious mind. Apart from listing the material benefits to your dream house, you could also let your mind express the immaterial benefits such as how you’d feel waking up in your dream house, what your kitchen would look like in the afternoon sun, the excitement of being able to invite friends and family over for a meal.

By writing these thoughts down, you’ll be communicating them to your logical brain who’ll pick up on them, understand them and get to work on them! Your rational and your irrational minds are communicating. They can understand what each other is thinking and they’ll be able to work towards the same goal, your dream house!

When you’re clear on how your success feels and what it looks like, motivation and willpower will be at your service! If ever you encounter a setback on your road to success, your logical and imaginative parts of your brain will be working together to find a solution! You could call this teamwork of the spirit “inspired action” or “listening to your intuition”.

To be able to hear the intuitive solutions, become still, go for a walk, color, paint, sing or do anything that will get you into a state of flow and let solutions pop into your awareness. It’s when you’re not thinking about a problem that intuitive solutions are most likely to present themselves, that is if you’ve made the effort to explain everything to both your minds!

Originally from Denmark, Katrine Horn moved to London at an early age to join the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. This led to quite a few years as a freelance artist on the London stage before she turned to life coaching to help her with issues such as self-worth. Transformed by the experience, Katrine embraced life coaching and now teaches and coaches professional people at Business School or in her private online coaching practice. Here she helps clients find their purpose and live the lives they were meant to. From personal experience, Katrine is convinced that she and everybody else deserve to be happy and that it’s only a thought away! Katrine also regularly contributes articles on personal development subjects to online and paper press. She now lives in the south of France.

Bonnie Gortler Wealth and Well-Being Coach

Getting clear on what you desire, deciding you are willing to create change and taking action leads you on your path of a successful mindset.   Establishing new habits, making a commitment to living life filled with health, wealth, and happiness looking for solutions, new opportunities, and wanting something better, instead of focusing on problems and what is negative lead to being a success. Doing routines having meaning and purpose, deciding what goals I want to achieve to make a difference in the lives of others helps me focus on a successful mindset.

Here is how I define success. Success is creating a healthy, wealthy, balanced, fun, inspired lifestyle, living life with love, happiness, & inner peace.

Simple Practices I Follow for Focus on a Successful Mindset

Writing down what I am grateful for gave me an uplifting feeling to start or end my day.

Having a commitment to exercise at least 4 times a week relaxes my mind, releases tension, frustration and strengthens my body.  I ride my stationary bike for 30 minutes, I lift weights and I do pushups to motivate and inspire me.

Changing the food I ate, from a regular routine of pizza, Chinese food, white rice and gravy, bagels, fried foods and chips to reducing each one of them one at a time.   In this way, I created new habits of choosing healthier foods and not depriving myself on my well-being journey.    Slow and steady instead of a diet mentality is what helped me achieve permanent weight loss.

Focusing on my personal development and personal growth was and remains my way to success.  Hiring a life coach opened up a new world of self-discovery and personal growth to embrace and experience. Getting the support I needed in several areas of my life and having an accountability partner to turn to for guidance, inspired motivated and helped me stay on track.

Going out of my comfort zone starting a blog, which lead to writing a book something I never imagined doing.

For inspiration, I turned to listening to audio recordings of spiritual music, meditation, and courses to keep moving forward to pursue my dreams.

Be patient and enjoy the journey and dream big.  Keep doing the things you love instead of being worried and filled with fear of what might happen next.   Learn how to create success by doing simple steps to move you forward.  Focus on changing any negative attitude to have a positive winning mindset.  Decide today to create change to improve your well-being filled with happiness, success, having more fun living the lifestyle you desire.

Bonnie Gortler, the Inspired Wealth & Well-Being Coach, is a successful stock market expert who has been instrumental in managing multi-million dollar client portfolios within a top rated investment firm during her over 30-year corporate career.  As the author of “Journey to Wealth”, she has made it her mission to share the importance of risk management and how to enjoy true financial well-being by applying the technical and mental sides of investing. Bonnie has an M.B.A. in Business Administration and is a certified life coach. She creates change in the lives of many and inspires people from around the world. Bonnie is fully committed to your personal growth and development as she shares her winning spirit and powerful techniques with you.

Shannon Barnard Founder and Creative Designer

Last summer I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It was a hard diagnosis to accept. I’ve gotten through all of the steps and am now at acceptance! My symptoms have decreased greatly.

I credit my meditation and yoga practice to helping me stay grounded and strong and focus my mindset on success. I use the Calm app to track my meditations. I can easily fit 10 minutes per day into my busy schedule. The Calm app tracks my meditations and keeps me accountable by showing my current streak, which is 436 days as of this writing. I don’t want to miss a day and start over, so this is a great motivator. I also started a yoga practice. I have noticed an improvement in my strength, stability, and balance since starting a consistent yoga practice. I confided to my yoga instructor recently that I feel better now than I have in over a year.

Writing and speaking affirmations throughout the day also help me focus on success in my business, life, and health.

Shannon Barnard is Founder and Creative Designer for K9 Bytes. She lives in Eugene, Oregon with her husband, Kent and English Cocker Spaniel, Rogue. It brings her great delight to help pet parents celebrate the joy of their pets with handmade dog and cat collars, leashes, treats, and toys.

Shannon earned a degree from the Art Institute of Seattle and then bought a computer business and learned website design. She started making dog and cat collars more than 10 years ago as a creative outlet which combined her love of pets and arts and crafts.

Vivienne Smith Trainer, Presenter, Coach and Author

Maintaining a successful mindset can be difficult. Many of my clients are experiencing a great deal of trauma in their lives – a separation, divorce or conflict with a co-parent. I understand this all too well, having been through these challenges myself.

It’s tempting to keep lamenting the unfair situation that life has left us to deal with. However, there comes a time when we have to take ourselves in hand and choose the both way we want to spend our days – and the soundtrack running in our heads.

Here are some of my favorite ways to maintain that successful mindset:

Acknowledge how far you’ve come already. 

Do a bit of “mental gardening” at the end of the day. Look back over the day’s events. If things went well, spend some time noticing how good it feels to have accomplished a goal, connected with a loved one or maintained healthy habits. But what if you’ve had a bad day? Perhaps you had an argument with your ex, snapped at your child or made a mistake at work. Imagine that you are the director of the film in your head (and you are, aren’t you?) Rewrite the ending and play that film clip again with the happy ending.

An attitude of gratitude means that you are constantly on the lookout for good things and you’ll notice them when they show up (which they will, with increasing regularity – what you dwell upon grows).

Spend some time each day doing something that nourishes you. Read a good book, learn something new, meditate, do something creative. Find a way to move your body that you love – a walk in nature, badminton, dancing, swimming – and find ways to do something daily. Enjoy the energy boost and embrace that natural high!

If you are a parent, find ways to spend time with your child that both of you can enjoy. It might be baking together, creating a magnificently messy work of art or snuggling up for a bedtime story. Parenting can be tough but cherish the moments of closeness and after a particularly tough day with little ones, watching them peacefully sleeping is a wonderful way to decide that all is forgiven. Tomorrow is another day where fun can be had and happy memories can be made.

Vivienne Smith is a trainer, presenter, transformational coach and the author of “The Single Mum’s Survival Guide”.

Vivienne works with single mums who are struggling to come to terms with the break-up and deal with the daily challenges of going it alone.

She helps them release the sadness and bitterness and regain their confidence and composure so they can minimize conflict in co-parenting, enjoy their children and take the first steps to build a happy new life.

Through her book, coaching, seminars and online courses, Vivienne provides support, practical advice and inspiration to single mothers everywhere.

Dr. Lori Ann Roth Trainer and Coach

I journal or I talk to my peeps.  I have been journaling since I was 12 years old – Almost 50 years.  I have a journal of possibilities, future opportunities, and Intentions.  I make ups stories that will be my future and write them in this journal.  I use positive, present and uplifting words.  When I feel my mind going to the negative, I read these stories. I feel so happy and excited reading these stories.  Many have come true!  I love my possibilities journal.  When I need a more extroverted way to keep my focus, I call my best friend Carol.  She always has a way to keep me focused on a successful mindset.  Just the other day I was complaining that I was a bit scared of not getting enough customers.  She raised her voice and said, “excuse me – did I call the wrong number – is this Lori Ann Roth,  the goddess who.

When I need a more extroverted way to keep my focus, I call my best friend Carol.  She always has a way to keep me focused on a successful mindset.  Just the other day I was complaining that I was a bit scared of not getting enough customers.  She raised her voice and said, “excuse me – did I call the wrong number – is this Lori Ann Roth,  the goddess who… ” I love my peeps.

Lori Ann Roth, Ph.D., CPLP, is the President of Learning and… Reflective Growth that specializes in Training and Coaching. She is the SUPER Power Coach!!!  Work with Lori and learn what your SUPER Power is and how to use it for good (not evil).  Her favorite saying is “be your best you!”.

Dr. Roth has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Communication and a Masters degree in Adult Education from Michigan State University.  She earned a doctorate from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Human Development. The emphasis of her study consisted of adult learning and human resources management.   She has worked with Organizational Development and Training for over 35 years at universities, training corporations, hi-tech corporations, and her own businesses.

Sara Duggan Business Support Services

My Mindset has been a game changer for me. I’ve always struggled with negative self-talk. I also take on the energies of others around me. So, if the energy around is negative, I’m negative.

I’ve tried many things to combat this: medication, positive thinking, meditation, turning off all news and television, and isolation. All worked for short periods of time.

When I wasn’t looking, something showed up and it’s been very effective. It’s called the 5-second Rule. It’s a book by Mel Robbins and the theory is based on science.

It requires you to take physical action on a goal within 5-seconds of thinking it. I tried it for waking up in the morning and for exercise. I’ve been going strong now for about 6-months.

Sure, negativity rears its ugly head, but if I catch myself, act on squashing it, I’m good to go (until the next time).

Sara Duggan. Sara’ Business Support Services is for coaches, authors, and entrepreneurs who are ready to give away their to-do list to focus on their business.

Crystal Lynn: Intuitive Energy Practitioner

I keep my focus on a successful mindset by remembering that living life is success! Whether it is during times of happiness or when we experience a challenge, all of it drives us toward a greater realization of ourselves and an expansion of our spiritual nature. Of course, I prefer to navigate life in a way that I feel more connected to my natural flow of energy.  Ultimately this connection leads to the awareness of love, and that I am in essence, love walking, breathing, sharing, living this life. That to me is success! Living out the purpose, the reason that I am here.

There are many things we can do to connect to our spiritual knowing of our true nature and to greater feelings of success and happiness. My favorite way to do that is through energy work and meditation. I usually blend the two both personally and in my work with clients.

I try to set aside at least 15 or 20 minutes every day to meditate and for me that just means to be still, quiet my mind and listen. In this state of non-resistance, we are more likely to hear guidance for inspired action, ways to feel into greater peace and Love.  Meditation is a wonderful way to move energy! This is where the answers are realized and bliss can be experienced. I also add specific techniques such as a chakra connection, Donna Eden’s 5 Minute Energy Routine or a Guided Energy Meditation.

When we do energy work, meaning connecting to the Natural flow of energy and moving it in the most optimum way for our physical and mental well-being, all flows more easily this way. 

Here is a simple way to be aware of your own energy and connect to its positive natural flow.
Stretch your arms upwards toward the heavens, hold them there and imagine energy flowing down to you, filling the space between your arms and flowing down through the top of your head. Allow this nurturing energy to move throughout your entire body. Let a gold light brighten every corner of your being, every cell. You can just imagine that every cell in your body is smiling. Doesn’t that feel great? From this centered bright place, you are not only aligned with greater knowing and love, but naturally radiate that outwards to your friends, family, clients or co-workers. I would call that moving through life with success!

Crystal Lynn, MA, CHTP is an Intuitive Energy Practitioner and Spiritual Life Coach for Women. She is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and has an MA in Counseling. Crystal utilizes the information available within a person’s energy field and Divine guidance to help her clients move forward and gain a different perspective. Energy blocks are cleared by helping individuals connect to their natural flow of energy for optimum well-being.This work typically leads to greater clarity, feelings of lightness and joy.  Empowering clients to learn how to sense and move their own energy for self-care is an important aspect of Crystal’s work.  She is very loving, gentle and supportive in her approach. She acknowledges the sacredness of each person’s journey and enjoys being of service to her clients. Crystal is also a mom, has found a new joy in cooking, loves connecting with others through laughter and finds much happiness in nature.

Kay Sanders Intuitive Business Coach and Author

Mindset might just be the most important piece in business, and also in life, because our mindset is what determines our success, it determines the type of life we are living, it also determines how much money we allow ourselves to earn with our business or even through a job.

Most people disregard mindset work, they focus all of their attention on the external systems and strategies such as marketing, client acquisition, lead generation, sales strategies, even PR. Even though these strategies are very important and necessary in order to attract more clients and grow a business but all these systems and strategies won’t deliver the desired ROI if a person’s mindset is not in alignment with the success and outcome they desire. In order to keep your focus on a successful mindset you first should get clear on what success means to you, what you want to create in your business or your life, uncover and release the inner gremlins that are trying to keep you stuck and hold you back from reaching the success you desire, and also implement daily practices to help you stay grounded in order to move forward and go after your dreams.

Some very powerful practices include meditation, affirmations, EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, visualization, vision boards, but most importantly being in a state of joy and gratitude in order to attract more good things into your life.

Often times we fall into negativity or a lack mindset which will not support the manifestation of our goals, dreams or desires to come about because a negative mindset will push away any good things that is trying to come to us, before it can even get anywhere near us. This is why focusing on a successful and positive mindset is very important because lack only attracts more lack, negativity only attracts more negativity. However, if you focus on gratitude, positive practices and staying within the now instead of dwelling on the past, your mind has no time to slip into negativity, and your vibration will attract more of the good things you are already so grateful about.

Align your mindset to the success you desire, practice gratitude and come from a place of joy and love in order to manifest the things you desire in your life or your business. The more you focus on gratitude and shifting your mindset into a success mindset, the sooner will you be able to manifest great abundance and prosperity into your life.

Kay Sanders is an Intuitive Business Coach, Bestselling Author and Creator of Possibilities. She helps conscious entrepreneurs find that missing piece to making their business a huge success so they can make a big impact in the world and create more freedom in their life. Kay incorporates her gifts to help her clients create a strong mindset, in order to implement effective systems and strategies to design a profitable and sustainable business model and creating a business of their dreams.

Her motto is ‘everything is possible’ which she also heavily incorporates into her own business and with her clients to help them see all the amazing possibilities in life. Kay truly believes that everyone, not only deserves but also has the ability, to live a fulfilling life full of success and possibilities.

Terri Marie Intuitive Mentor

One of the best ways I’ve discovered that helps me maintain my focus is allowing myself the time to take a ‘step back,’ completely stopping for a few hours or a couple of days.

It’s in these ‘step back’ moments, that you get to really ‘let go’ of fear, doubt, and frustration that success is not manifesting or showing up as quickly as you’d like or hoped it would.

The bottom line is, if you truly want it badly enough, you’ll endure those times when you just feel like quitting and walking away.

Many times I’ve felt and even ‘quit’ only to wake the next and start with what’s in front of me.

It’s about making a decision to stay the course, taking that Leap into Faith even when you have no idea how it’s all going to turn out … somehow it always does.

Sometimes, the decision to take the next step and the after that can be a daily practice or re-committing to doing the ‘things’ you enjoy the least while you build upon what you accomplished the day before.

The Angel Lady Terrie Marie guides Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Growth Seekers worldwide to become movers and shakers of their realities in as few as 90 days. After as little as one session, her clients have immediately booked more business, closed more sales, dramatically increased their cash flow and even earned career promotions in less than 3 days.

Still, others reported feeling less stressed, more at peace, making better decisions faster, enjoying being engaged in regular Spiritual practices, and even manifesting significant financial windfalls to pay for life’s little pleasures or new business undertakings.

This highly-gifted intuitive inspires clients to reach for and achieve their full potential. She teaches her students to connect to Angels in ways that work for them. This creates clarity of mind, heart, and Soul.

As clients recognize and receive the guidance and messages they want and need, they raise their inner-vibration. They experience massive mindset shifts. Best of all, they attract more opportunities, better clients, and financial prosperity.

Alison Smith Parenting Coach

One way I keep focused on a successful mindset in parenting is to reflect on my ‘big why’. “Why am I committed to raising my children the way that I am?” “What do I want my children to value, to be able to do, and to be, when grown?”

These long-term goals guide my everyday decisions when interacting with my kids. For example, I want them to eat what we prepare for a number of reasons; such as reducing waste, including a balance of foods in their diet, and simplifying mealtime. A simple strategy would be to simply insist. However, I also want my children to maintain a healthy relationship with food. And a respectful and collaborative relationship is of high priority as well.

So do I push and insist? Or should I be providing my kids with more autonomy? If I go back to my long-term goals of how I want them to function as adults, then I see my way clear. Choosing to guide them wins over attempting to control them, every time. We turn to collaborative problem-solving instead.

Looking at my end goals also keeps me from barking orders when we ‘just need to get out the door’.

Or when they look me in the eye and ‘do it anyway’, I can better manage my reactions and choose a more compassionate response.

Parenting is hard. Without question. But keeping my eye focused on the long-game affords me clarity and aligns decisions with my positive parenting ideals.

Alison Smith is a highly dedicated parenting coach, serving families around the globe. Her expertise is called upon for seminars, speaking engagements, and interviews. She loves teaching parents how to raise happy, confident kids with more ease.

Alison and her family of four live in New Brunswick, Canada. Although she frequently meets with private clients in her area, she supports many families online through her membership, webinars and learning forums.

Although Alison’s positive parenting tools are game-changing, what impacts families, even more, is her ability to quickly assess the underlying drivers of unhelpful behaviors, to guide clients to solutions which are right for them, and to help them build the foundation to ensure the successful navigation of future challenges on their own.

Debbie D’Aquino Business Coach

Success Mindset has one requirement – that I get really clear about what I want.

If I clearly want to achieve something measurable, I create a step-by-step plan with a deadline for each so that I can check off as accomplished. Then I hold strong to that list until it is completed. Every item must be checked. Measurable is easy.

If I am envisioning success around something less tangible, with no measurable milestones, then I use continual mind-chatter and deep-seeded commitment.

An example of this is my recent challenge: 90-Days-Off Processed Sugar, Dairy, and Alcohol. I made a strong commitment to myself believing I can do anything for 90 days if I really want to – this is how I did it.

I cleaned up my environment. I set up a healthy substitution for processed sugars with organic dates (oh, no way compares to chocolate.) I made this work because I believed I can do anything for 90 days. When I wanted alcohol, I ordered flavored waters and I reminded myself, “It’s only 90 days.”

Within that 3 month time-frame I was sorely tempted multiple times: at a wedding reception, 2 birthday parties, an anniversary party, and a handful of dinners with friends. I got through all of them without even a tiny slip-up. Believe me, I was so close at times but I used my mind-chatter like a mantra, “It’s only 90 days.” Two months had passed; I knew I had only 30 days left, I still chattered, “It’s only 90 days.”

90 days – Bam! I came out a winner!!  I hit the milestone of Success!

I’ve been asked how I stay so strong around so much temptation.  I have spent years training myself to take time to step away from the chaos, get centered, to really go inside, learn to experience calm, peace, and joy from within. I use this power-station every day to push me through my commitments especially when I don’t want to. I call on something greater than my physical self. I harness the power from within.

Debbie D’Aquino is a highly-effective, transformation business coach and happiness injector who helps ambitious entrepreneurs tune in, tap in, and turn on their unique special message that gets their business to Stand-Out and makes them Rich!

Debbie’s mission is to empower every business owner she works with to feel magnetic, confident, and authentically calm and happy.

Debbie is an Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author and Trainer in mindset success. Debbie is also the Founder of Green Tea Meditation Transformation and the extraordinary Burst into Brilliance Transformation Program. Keeping fun in her life, Debbie is a multiple award-winning Dance Instructor, specializing in West Coast Swing.

Natasha Rosewood Intuitive Consultant

Mindset?  Hmmm? What does that mean exactly? We know that our thoughts are magnetic impulses. Those thoughts─if we keep thinking them─ become subconscious beliefs and the “engine” of our mindset─ attracting or repelling the “good” and “bad” outcomes in our lives. So if we don’t like our current outcomes, how can we cleanse our subconscious of the “I’m not good enough” and the “I can’t have…” syndromes and other limiting beliefs if they are . . . well. . . unconscious?

In my practice as an Intuitive Consultant, I identify and guide my clients towards their “happy place.” At that frequency, they can manifest their greatest potential. But first, and most importantly, I give them clarity, not just about their limiting beliefs, but also their inherent guidance system, their feelings!
If our subconscious beliefs form the engine of our mind, our feelings are the fuel that activates those beliefs.  When we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, we could call this Heart & Mind Set. Our hearts know what’s really good for us and can engage beliefs to bring us the joy that is ours.

Here are ten tips for keeping Heart & Mind Set positive:
1. Checking in. “How am I feeling?” I ask myself.  If I’m not feeling good, I scan my mind for what thought/belief triggered that feeling.  Once the negative thought is identified, I simply choose the positive version.
2. Gratitude. Focusing on what I have helps me feel blessed.
3. Compassion. When others behave badly, I remember they are in scared four-year old mode.
4. Acknowledging my little and big successes─instead of what’s still on “the to-do list.”
5. Remembering that the Universe has a wicked sense of humor, and I will see the funny side.
6. Removing myself from negative situations and people and toward those who love me.
7. Singing (in my head) “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong (especially after the 6 o’clock news!)
8. Reliving good times, triggering feelings of being young, happy, loved and that anything-is-possible. And it still is.
9. Revisiting my beautiful client testimonials and knowing my value.
10. Intending happiness.

Acclaimed International Intuitive Coach, Author and Workshop Facilitator, Natasha J. Rosewood has, for over 40 years, assisted clients to become “unstuck” and realize their life purpose. Her books: Aaagh! I Think I’m Psychic (And You Can Be Too), Aaagh! I Thought You Were Dead (And Other Psychic Adventures) and her latest, Mostly True Ghostly Stories empower, educate and entertain the reader with a larger sense of metaphysics and the soul journey. Ask Natasha about her latest programs: Energy Dynamics in the Workplace and Manifesting: The Secret They Didn’t Tell You.

Dr. Elena Estanol, Author, Psychologist, and Business Mentor

(You have probably heard)… that “Success is 90% Mindset and 10% Skill”.  But what does that really mean? Does it mean that you don’t really need to do anything, and all you have to do is think  “positive thoughts?”  Of course not.

However, I’m highlighting because there are still people who think that mindset is all about “thinking positively”. and while thinking positively is fine. That is not really what’s responsible for true success.  You see, we work as integrated beings, so to assume that mind is all we need, is a reductionist point of view.  So…How do you keep your focus on a successful mindset?

Adjust your expectations. The biggest reason why we often get disappointed and demoralized is due to unrealistic expectations.  We’d like to believe we can “control” outcomes, but the reality is that the only reason why we’d want control, is if we are stuck in fear. When you are confident, there is no need to control. You can go with the flow and trust that you will do, learn and experience what you need to experience regardless of the situation.  If you set certain expectations for outcomes, you will certainly get frustrated and demoralized along the way. This is usually why people quit.

Embrace failure as part of the path. No-one will get things perfect, or even “good” the 1st time around. We are so terrified of failure, that we keep ourselves small, locked in the starting gate, frozen and unable to even start. When you can not only accept that failure is part of the path, but learn to embrace it, then you will have unlocked the key to success.

Keep your eye and heart on your mission and vision. We often talk about finding motivation or staying motivated to do things we need to do or how to avoid Procrastination.  Those are ailments misalignment. If you have a burning passion, a clarity of vision and your heart is ignited to fulfill your mission, I guarantee you that lack of motivation or procrastination will not be issues.  Most of these are issues of lack of Spiritual alignment.

Decide you will be successful and commit for the long haul. Success is simply a matter of deciding. committing and taking action on a particular goal., No you may not be “successful” right away, but people who succeed are the ones who commit for the long haul.  If you decide you will succeed, you will continue to work on your goal, until you succeed…

Practice what I call “passionate detachment”and learn to manage and create your ideal emotional states.

Dr. Elena Estanol is a #1 Best-selling author, Peak performance psychologist & Intuitive Prosperity Business Mentor who has been up-leveling speakers, performers, athletes, coaches & purpose-based entrepreneurs to become extraordinary beings and legendary leaders for over 16 years. Her unique system In Flow and On Fire TM unlocks & unleashes your unlimited potential, to take courageous action to defy the ordinary and become extraordinary in business & life. Her unique system aligns mind, body & spirit to manifest her client’s visions and build profitable and transformational businesses that change the world.

Malaine Lea Lifestyle Architect

What does it really mean to be successful? How do the people at the top really achieve high levels of success?

These reflection questions have circled my mind since I was a young girl. To achieve, to create results, to create more, to have more is what I identified as success. Although this definition is one that was generated from society’s influence on me. And guess what? It made me feel unsuccessful and crappy every single day.

The truth is success is a definition that you must find from within you. So to be successful you first must be clear on what that means. After clarity and awareness comes acceptance of what is, forgiveness of any “mistakes.” Then is action and vigilant mindset.

Create an action plan. Setup steps to get you to where you want to be. Close the back door and go all in. You have one life, live it!

Malaine Lea is a Lifestyle Architect and Wealth/Luxury Mindset coach. As a woman of faith and divinity, she has supported hundred of women to find their power, worth, and abundance.

Her mission is for every woman to be able to stand abundantly in their divine goddess power while claiming every desire they want. She is on a mission to make sure no woman ever says no to herself or life because of money.

Through her own experience, strength and hope along with her studies in transformation workshops, energy work, spiritual work and professional experience, she has cultivated earth shattering, life changing formulas to help women truly master their lives.

Malaine has been featured in Inspired Coach Magazine, Goddess on the Go Events, YFS Magazine, Sustainable Success Lounge, Elephant Journal, Addicted to Success Podcast with Joel Brown.


These experts shed light on what it takes to create a success mindset. As you can see, not everything works for each person. Yet, there are common themes of practicing relaxation and gratitude. Being persistent and getting clear are also hallmarks of a success mindset. One thing that most of us forget is that there are many failed attempts on the road to success. Accepting failure as part of success will keep you moving forward.

I am curious to know how you keep yourself on the path to success?

In Happiness,

Sheri Kaye Hoff

Coach, Trainer, and Author, Sheri Kaye Hoff, is a Business Coach known for inspiring massive action and a catalyst for personal and business growth, joy, and profits in a way that is fun, relaxing, and fulfilling, Sheri inspires people to do the work they love and make more money. Sheri helps business owners and professionals to relax into success. She uses both spiritual and practical techniques to obliterate blocks and create dramatic change. She is a business, leadership, happiness, and inner game expert. She has overcome nearly dying, and the loss of her brother at an early age. She has made it her life mission to discover the keys to happiness and success and then share them with her clients and community. Learn More About Sheri


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