How to Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose


If you are struggling with inspiration and motivation, you will feel more inspired through intrinsic motivation when you are aligned with your purpose. You have unique skills, talents, desires, personality, and a beautiful soul. When you truly fulfill your purpose and know that you are living each day doing the work you love;  you will feel empowered and see results quickly.

How do you find your purpose? In school we are often challenged to develop and work on skills that are what may be labeled weaknesses. Your purpose and passion build on your strengths and what you love to do. What comes naturally for you?  Of course working on areas of opportunity is beneficial to you and to being a well rounded person; but sometimes we think something is only good when it is “hard” to do. What flows naturally for you is your gift.

Today make an inventory list of your gifts. Come up with at least 20 gifts that you have. Things like: “being kind” “being nurturing” are gifts, too. Your gift does not have to be inventing a cure for some infectious disease (if so, great; but there are many, many gifts that people possess and sometimes minimize because they feel their gifts are “too small” or unimportant),

Once you discern your gifts, reflect on how some of these gifts translate into a passion, a career, and a life purpose.
For example, in my own life, my deep love for people, a high level of intuition, and a love for sharing, listening, and teaching has fit perfectly with coaching.good question to ask yourself is, “What would I do if I didn’t have to be concerned about a paycheck?”

Some good questions to ask are, “What is important to me?” “What do I highly value in society and life?” “What big change would I like to see in my lifetime?” 

You can even use art to explore your purpose.

As you come up with ideas around your purpose; visualize yourself acting out this purpose.  Does it feel like a right fit? If not, what has to be tweaked? Have fun with this exercise.  Look at it as an opportunity to play and to try on new ideas.

Finally, your purpose is what you say it is. You might decide on a your purpose in life, and then change your mind. That’s okay. Sometimes, people have more than one purpose. Try out your ideas. Take action. Don’t wait for your ultimate purpose to show up, do some soul-searching and make decisions. You can always decide something different later.

Do what you love.

Journal Exercises: If you own a business, is it part of your purpose? What is the purpose of your business? If you work in a career, how is your career helping you fulfill your sense of purpose? What needs to shift?

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