The value in your package offers (pricing)

The value in your offers (aka pricing).

When I am working with people who are coaches and consultants, I often see that they are under-pricing. When I mention that their prices are really low, the reply I receive is something like this, “I could never charge $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 etc) for a package.”

The truth is that when you feel like this you cannot charge more because it feels in-congruent. If you try to charge a package price that you don ‘t believe, then the potential clients will pick up on that vibe. A question that I like to ask my clients when they struggle with higher pricing in their packages is: “What needs to be in that package for you to believe in the pricing?” Instead of saying, “I could never sell a $10,000 package” How about, What would I put in a package to make it feel like it is a more than a $10,000 value.

If you really want to see the value of what you are giving and sit in the place of charging what you really are worth- make a list that is a page or two of results your clients or potential clients will get from you. Grab your notebook now, and do this exercise.

Another packaging  value tip is to ask your list what they want and what they value. You could create a survey, or you could ask good questions during free strategy sessions. You11WaysECover might be surprised by this. I found that one of the things that my Platinum clients really put a high value on is unlimited email and text support.

In order to create effective business plans, you have to put pricing in place. You won’t know your goals without making decisions on pricing.

When putting packages together, you also want to have a mix of low, middle, and higher priced offerings that naturally flow together and make sense.

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