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Transformational Business Coach using intuition, vision, omnipresent marketing, and mindset mastery, Sheri Kaye Hoff, is known for inspiring transformation in life and biz. She is a catalyst for personal and business growth and joy in a way that is fun, relaxing, and fulfilling, Sheri inspires people to do the work they love with more ease, flow, and joy. Sheri helps business owners and professionals to relax into success while growing and scaling. She uses practical, energetic, and spiritual techniques to create shifts and create transformational change. A business, leadership, happiness, and inner game expert, she has overcome nearly dying, and the loss of her brother at an early age. She has made it her life mission to share the keys to happiness and success.

During the coaching session you will:  

  • Discover how to start implementing biz growth and client attraction strategy and/or scale what you are already doing for your business.
  • Learn how to grow with more ease, flow, and joy. 
  • Learn key ideas for breaking through to your goals and how to uplevel your goals
  • Understand a bigger vision for your life and biz. 
  • You will leave the consultation with actionable steps and more. 

This free session is FOR YOU if: 

  • You are a business owner who loves making a difference.
  • You are passionate about your business. You are an action taker and a decision-maker. Building a business means action, but the right kind of soul-aligned action that is inspiring, not just any action.  You want your business to fit you and your lifestyle.
  • You are a heart-centered business owner, coach, consultant, professional, director, or C level.
  • You want to start growing and expanding your business and life immediately. You want your business or professional life to provide the lifestyle you are looking for.

This coaching session is not for you if: 

  • You are only in the thinking stages of creating a business. 
  • You are just checking things out and experimenting, but are not ready for rapid growth. 
  • You are not ready to start taking action immediately to grow. 

This session is completely FREE!

There are no strings attached to this free consultation. It is completely free with no pressure. At the end of your appointment, I will let you know how to get involved with my coaching programs. If it is not a fit for you, that is completely okay, too. Again, there is no obligation to sign up for anything. However, you will leave the session with some solid strategies and action steps that you can take to grow your business and grow your life right now.

Here is what one 30 minute session can give you:


“For the past year and a half, I’ve searched all over for someone to help me accomplish my business goals. I’ve spoken with a lot of people but it wasn’t until I did a search for the “best business coaches” online that I found an ANGEL. I went to Sheri’s website, filled out the form to request a free consultation, and patiently waited for my confirmation. In the meantime, I received an email to view her webinar “5 Keys to Grow Your Biz Fast”. I immediately fell in love with everything about her. When I finally got the opportunity to speak with Sheri, the feedback I received was astonishing. She offered so many ideas to grow my business that I never even thought of. Just speaking with her, I felt as though my entire mindset change. For the first time, I was speaking to someone who was so genuine, knowledgeable, valuable and made me truly believe that what I want for my business is truly possible. While taking notes during the call, my heart started beating fast because I began to actually envision a life of freedom and living on my terms. From that one phone call, I’m so confident I can accomplish my goals ...Thank you so much, Sheri”!!! —LaKisha


Reasons that may stop you from moving forward and booking your free coaching session:

After years of coaching and talking with people, these are some of the reasons why people don’t move forward and apply for a consultation that they know they really want and know that it would be helpful. All of these reasons are based on limiting beliefs.  

One of the biggest limiting beliefs is- I am too busy or I don’t have time. Truth. We make time for high-priority things in our lives.

These additional beliefs, thoughts, and actions may get in the way: 

  • Fear that it won’t really change the biz (the “I think I have tried everything” syndrome) Truth: You have not tried everything 
  • I am too busy. Truth: Everyone is too busy. I don’t know a single person who is not busy. We make time for things that are important to us.
  •  Fear of failure. Truth: Even if you have failed at some things in the past, it doesn’t mean you are a failure or that you will fail in future endeavors. Everyone has failed at some point. It is time to write a new story about your capacity to succeed. 
  • Fear that you can’t change or do what it takes to change. Truth: This is the number one reason people don’t sign up for things they really want. They think that change is possible for other people, but not them. Truth: You can change and grow. You have changed, grown, and learned. You can do what you make up your mind to do. 
  • Fear of finding out the biz model or idea isn’t viable. Truth: most biz models can be tweaked to scale.
  • Fear of rejection. A very common fear. Truth: This fear can be overcome with some simple exercises. I overcame this fear and I have helped many people overcome this fear. 
  • Not asking for what you really want. This is a huge problem for many people. Truth: It is time to commit to what you really want in your life and biz. 
  • Fear that you cannot afford the solution that may be offered after the free session. Truth: Just about everyone feels this way every time they sign up for a free session with any coach.No one likes to be sold (including me). Not a big deal. There is no pressure to sign up for anything. There are several options for coaching with me.

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What are people saying about Sheri?

“Sheri Kaye Hoff made the world of owning a company come alive for me. Not only does she offer delicious action steps to make marketing and advertising more fun, she also destroys limiting beliefs and builds confidence by strengthening a business mindset. Sheri’s patience, good humour and insights made a business woman of me and I’m whole-heartedly enjoying the experience. Thank you Sheri!” Katrine Horn Coach, Musician and TED talk speaker

I started Mastermind because I was starting a new business. I just moved to a new state and did not know anyone. Originally, I wanted to know more about marketing, sales, business plans, and marketing plans. After a month of Mastermind I realized that I was going to get WAY more than business plans. I can’t thank Sheri Kaye Hoff enough. She helped me realize that I do have some fears and how to let them go – really let them go. I am ready to take inspired action without fear paralyzing me into overwhelm. She cares so much in her special way. This is obvious with her saying, “Does that sound like a HUGE task? I don’t care. I want it for you!” It is amazing how she can care for each individual person (in mastermind) with all of our various places in life at this moment with her special brand of loving (loving what you do and who you are). She is willing to share intimate stories in her life to give us examples that matter and that we can understand and relate to in order to move forward with our businesses. Do you wish to feel more powerful, more in control of your business and your life? Well then just let go of it and do it! Join Mastermind. I promise you will get more than you ever expected.”Lori Ann Roth Ph.D., CPLP President, Learning and…Reflective Growth

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