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Creativity in Course Design

Thinking about creating an online course? My guest Cindy Weaver is a course design specialist and multi-passionate entrepreneur with helpful ideas and insight on what it takes to create a successful course. Listen Here: Cindy Weaver is an online course creator who has been in the Education Industry for over 25 years. In addition to her[…]

How to Assess Your Business with Lorraine Ball

In order to get where you want to go in your business, you need to know where you are. My guest Lorraine Ball walks you through a SWOT assessment of your business in a fresh and super-practical way so you can guide your business forward. Listen Here After spending too many years in Corporate America,[…]

Overcoming Challenges with a Growth Mindset

Recently, I was asked about the biggest challenge I faced in my business and how I overcame it. After pondering this over, I found that there were phases of overcoming during the 14 plus years I have been in business. The challenges, in the beginning, were different than the challenges in the middle which were[…]

Win the Hour Win the Day Author Kris Ward

Meet my podcast guest Kris Ward, author of Win the Hour, Win the Day. Listen to our interview on how to create, get the results you want, and live a fulfilled life of balance for small businesses and professionals. Listen here Kris Ward is the leading authority in building your business by building your team. […]

How to Find the Soul of Your Biz Podcast

Discover how to find the soul of your business on this podcast episode with guest expert, Halle Eavelyn and host, Sheri Kaye Hoff

How to Activate Intuitive Biz Growth Podcast

Grow your small business, coaching practice, consulting business, or professional practice with your intuitive skills. Masterclass taught by Sheri Kaye Hoff. Everyone has intuitive skills and with practice, you will be able to use and trust your intuition in your business instead of running after each shiny new thing thinking it provides your ultimate solution.

When You Have Too Much To Do

When You Have Too Much to Do Your alarm clock goes off and….? What happens? Do you hit the snooze alarm a few times or do you wake up dreading the day because you have so much to do? Or do you wake up right away and jump into your day only to find that[…]

How to Shift this Marketing Dilemma for Heart Centered Business Owners

How to Shift this Marketing Dilemma for Heart Centered Business Owners. Do you sometimes struggle with finding the right words to communicate who you truly are and how you can help people in your marketing messages? I have been writing sales pages for ten years and I have also hired people at times to help[…]

It’s Tax Time, Don’t Stress Out

It’s Tax time, Don’t Stress Out Tax season brings up a lot of emotion for small business owners. You may not like that bottom line. If you have been keeping track of your book-keeping all year, most likely that number will not be a surprise. Remember, deep breaths always help bring down the stress and[…]

12 Days of Christmas Life and Biz Strategies Day 12 Setting Priorities

Happy Holidays Today’s Topic: Setting Priorities  Your priorities come from your values. When you look at it another way, when you look at where you spend your time, that is what you value. The problem is that sometimes your time and your values don’t match. You may find yourself devoting time to things that don’t[…]

12 Days of Christmas Life and Biz Strategies Day 8 Live the Life You Want

Today’s Topic: Create the Life You Want Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could create the life you want? Well, what is it that you want? I have been asking people this question for over ten years in my business, and few people have an answer for this beyond more money or more freedom or[…]

12 Days of Christmas Life and Biz Strategies Day 6 Setting Goals and Planning

Today’s topic: Goals and Planning As you enjoy your holiday season, it is natural to reflect over the past year and to look forward to the next. Create some quiet moments to set goals and plans for the new year. This also helps with that feeling of a let down after the holidays are over,[…]

7 Steps to Accelerate Growth in Your Life and Biz

Do the thing that scares you. If you want to get some momentum going, do the thing that seems scary.  Fear keeps many people from doing what they really want to do. Most of the time, the fear is completely unfounded.  Your fear in your life is exactly what is keeping you right where you[…]

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