Happy New Year Wishing You Magic and Miracles

Happy New Year Happy New Year!It’s page one of 365. Your 2020 will bring to you what you bring to it. My dream is that you love yourself through the wins, the obstacles, the setbacks, and the overcoming. This is a journey. There is glory and joy in all of it. Choose joy as your[…]

Guest Blog Post Why Self-Love is NOT Self-indulgence by Katrine Horn

Featuring a superb guest blog from my colleague, Katrine Horn: Why Self-Love is NOT Self-Indulgence When you think of self-love, do you think of self-care? Do you immediately feel into delicious massages, fantastic holidays in the Caribbean or gorgeous meals in fancy restaurants? If so, think again. All the above can be enjoyed as rewards or indulgences but in[…]

The Amazing Effect of Love on Life, Biz, and Happiness

Whatever the problem, love is the answer. Why? because love is never wrong. Pure, unconditional, “love as an action verb” is a high energy way of being. Romantic love may fade. Passion may dwindle, ignite, and dwindle again in a cycle, but love as a way of living your life has a way of bringing[…]

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