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This One Trait is a Powerful Predictor of Success

This one trait is a powerful predictor of success. What makes a person successful? Can one trait determine success above all others? I have been studying success, happiness, and leadership for almost three decades and I would love it if it were as simple as on trait. Success in life has many contributing factors, but[…]

How to Up-Level Your Mindset Challenge

How to Up-Level Your Mindset Challenge. It’s the truth, your results come from your mental focus. The challenge, then, is to take control of your mental focus. Your mindset (the way you think) directs 90% of your success. Do you believe this? Reflect on the last time you felt like it was a bad day.[…]

31 Ways to Make More Money in Your Business

31 Ways to Make More Money in Your Business Almost every business owner wants to know how to make more money. Cash flow is king.  My own surveys that I took over a two year period show that people are primarily interested in two things: they want to do work that inspires them, and they[…]

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