Small Biz Christmas Day 13


Are you inspired about the action you are taking right now in your business? Or do you have a long, laundry list of to-do’s that wears you out just looking at it? What if you felt inspired most of the time- not just some of the time?

When you develop your ability to take inspired action, you will find that you struggle less and achieve more. You might be thinking, what is the difference between any old, regular action and inspired action?

When you are inspired, not taking action feels like more work than stepping into action.

  • When you are inspired, you don’t look at the clock and wonder how much longer it is going to take.
  • When you are inspired, time seems to stand still.
  • When you are inspired, others want to be part of what you are doing.
  • When you are inspired, your focus sharpens, your thoughts become clear, and you become decisive and deliberate.
  • When you are inspired, you have momentum.

Here are some inspired action tips:

Ask yourself, what is the real reason I want  to take this action? If it is part of someone else’s plan and not part of your dream or big picture… can you let it go?

Ask  yourself, “What if” questions. A great question is – What if I were truly inspired every day? What would that look like for me? 

Do more of what you love.

When faced with tasks that zap your inspiration, ask- How can I make this more fun? How can I make this part of my big picture?

In my household, it seemed to be a bit of a battle over who will mow the lawn (At the time, 7 people were living in my home- certainly enough people to do the job). The day I bought a new lawn mower, everyone wanted to mow the lawn.  Now, you can’t buy a new lawn mower every-time, but this does show that “something new” about a project or task can lead to inspiration. How can you add- “something new”?

Look at everything you have accomplished and ask yourself, What made me feel most inspired? And do more of those kinds of things.

When you don’t feel inspired you can take these two different approaches- you can start the project- just starting creates some momentum or you can wait and do nothing (sometimes this is the best choice). This is different than procrastination because you are are making a decision to not act until you feel inspired.  I use this approach when I am writing… I don’t force myself to write, I trust that the inspiration will come and it always does.

Learn to turn inward and listen to your inner voice and let it guide your actions. Just setting the intention to turn inward helps you get in touch with your inner guidance system.

Overall, find ways to act in accordance with your higher purpose and your highest self;  and you will see yourself truly taking those inspired action steps.

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To your Success, Freedom & Happiness,

Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD
The Inspired Action Success Coach