Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Guest Christine Daspro

Find out: Why professionals have and or experience imposter syndrome. What imposter syndrome looks like, feels like, sounds like.  Most common ways it shows up. Imposter syndrome identifiers and some key tools with my guest Christine Daspro with 30 years experience on Wall Street and 15 years of mentoring and coaching professionals. Listen Here

Christine Daspro brings over thirty years of experience in the corporate, non-profit sectors and is currently the CEO of Threads of Leadership.

Threads of Leadership focuses on developing individual leaders through life-long learning, creating valuable connections, and curating impact through how they lead.

Before starting Threads of Leadership, Christine worked for 10 years at Women’sVision Foundation as Vice President of programming, membership, and fundraising and 30 years as Vice President at Merrill Lynch in various roles. www.threadsofleadership.com

Show Notes:


What is imposter syndrome? And how do you know when it is operating in your life?


Being reactive vs proactive


Recognizing strengths and things that are not your strengths


Assessment for imposter syndrome


Being truthful with yourself


Showing up the way you want to show up and be in your life. Lessons from 30 years on Wall Street.


“I think we have to celebrate who we are as individuals. And we have to celebrate the journey that we’ve been on and the one that we’re going towards.” Christine Daspro

Christine’s Freebie: 30 minute coaching session. www.threadsofleadership.com

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Guest Christine Daspro
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