12 Days of Christmas Biz and Life Strategies Day 5 Time Management


Today’s Topic: Time Management

Most people would say that they are interested in doing the right things, not just packing their schedules full of more activities and commitments. If you struggle with time management, you may feel it more acutely during the holiday season. Are you doing all you can in the planning area of your life? Here are some questions for reflection:

  • Are you heading in the right direction?
  • Do you always feel rushed?
  • Is your list never done?
  • Are you able to sleep well?
  • Is your family rushed and stressed?
  • Do the words time management inspire stress and visions of packed calendars?
  • Do you think of the many times where you tried to be in two places at one time or did not leave enough time in between scheduled appointments?
  • Or, how about the time when you were forced to fit a project that should take 24 hours into 8 hours?
  • Even if you are super organized and most often 10 minutes early for everything; think about how you handle unexpected situations.
  • Do you have a melt down when it is impossible to adhere to your schedule as written in your calendar?

People approach time differently.

How you view the concept of time either contributes to a joyful life or takes away from your joy.

In my mid 20’s to mid 30’s I viewed time management as an efficiency exercise that would help me pack more activities, projects, and commitments into my day. I read most of the time management gurus of the 90s regarding prioritizing and achieving what you want in life. Though I successfully managed my time, I constantly felt exhausted, over-committed, and really did not enjoy my successes.

I often was quickly moving on to the next task or project and did not take the time to appreciate or celebrate.

Then I reached a turning point a few years ago, I recognized that I had a great husband, wonderful children, a great community and church; I was moving up the corporate ladder, but I couldn’t enjoy my successes. My life was packed with wonderful things and people, yet I felt stressed, pressured, and irritated. I also felt guilty and unappreciative.

Through reflection, I learned that I had this consistent fear that I did not have enough time to accomplish everything I needed in a day. I was too future focused and had a difficult time living in the moment.

I needed a completely new approach to how I viewed my day.

I understood that controlling my thoughts held the keys to actions and outcomes in life. I viewed time as a resource rather than something mold-able. Yes, we all have the same 24 hours and once time is gone, it is gone. However, my thought process concerning time could change.

Most of my work life revolves around meeting deadlines. In the past, the deadlines caused stress. I worried about not meeting the deadlines. Thoughts about deadlines would interrupt my sleep, my down time, and my family time. I knew that if I found a successful way to change my thoughts regarding deadlines, I would see an improvement in my daily stress and quality of life.

I have a daily habit of writing a gratitude list every morning. Gratitude is an important part of living a happy life. I reasoned that I could apply this same process towards my attitude towards time.

I started adding gratitude towards time to my journaling process. In the beginning, I did not feel very grateful, but I committed to changing my thoughts. I started writing, “Thank you for all of the time I need.”

Soon, I began to relax inwardly. I viewed time as a gift instead of the enemy. I quietly began to be intentional and discriminating in my commitments. I did not force this process, it happened naturally and peacefully. I found that my work life improved because I was experiencing joy in the process and joy in the moment.

Project completion gives only a fleeting moment of satisfaction. I wanted to enjoy more of the process.

I focused on awareness, so if I found myself reverting to my old thoughts regarding time, I would quickly recognize this and make adjustments. Watch out for thoughts like:

I am crunched for time” ,“I am going to be so late”, or “I have too much to do”.

Remember that your schedule is your choice. You are not a victim of time or your schedule.

I have committed to only take on work that is fulfilling to me, which further adds to the joy that I experience. You may be at a point in your career where you have little control over the projects that you undertake. However, you can find some aspect of the project that aligns with your vision in some way and then focus on this alignment. Your project will become more fulfilling and satisfying to you.

Steps that you can take to change your view towards time management:

  1. Meditate on the fact that all of the time that you need is already here.
  2. Maintain awareness regarding your thoughts about your schedule and to-do lists.
  3.  Allow yourself to be intentional and discriminating regarding your time.
  4. Do work because it is fulfilling.

I know that you, too, can have a peaceful, grateful attitude regarding your 24 hours.

Some practical tips you can use once you have managed to change your thoughts regarding time management include:

  • Creating a life vision- so you can make sure your priorities and scheduling decisions line up with what you want in life,
  • Using a time monitor where you track where your time is going each day. and then making adjustments as necesary
  • Setting short term, mid-term, and long-term goals based on your vision
  • Using a method to manage your daily to-do list- I like the app Google Keep and I also use Google Calendar.

(Excerpted from my book Keys to Living Joyfully)

Cheers to living a happy, joy filled life that you love.

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I would love to know your thoughts on time management, please comment below.

In Happiness,


Coach and Trainer, Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD.

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  1. Dear Sheri
    Your blog article on time management was awesome!!
    A peaceful grateful and graceful about time- wow that is powerful!
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  2. You are so right that our thoughts about a situation, activity, etc make a big difference. When I start feeling like I’m never going to get all my work done during the day, I make it more of a point to prioritize my diary. I finish the real easy items first, then see if there are claims that have multiple pieces of mail I can cross of my list. And I remind myself that I just need to work on one item at a time and usually before I know it, half of my diary for the day is done.

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