This One Changed Everything

This one changed everything...

This one thing changed everything… When I died and crossed over into the light and came back into my body last summer, my entire life changed. Over the last couple of weeks, you have received some information from me about my upcoming How to Heal Anything program. You might be wondering about this seemingly new direction that I am offering especially when I am right in the middle of creating all of the new material for this year’s live event and mastermind. So, why did I decide, right in the middle of my work I feel I am born to do, to offer a 90 day healing program? I sometimes ask myself that, too. But you see, for the past 9 years I have followed my business to where it wants to go. My business said to me, “Stop, take notice, offer this program right now, because people need it”. So if you want to go right to an incredibly heart felt webinar instant replay right now to learn more, you can… Click Here

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For the past several months, I have been getting intuitive nudges, plus requests from clients, to share the lessons that led to my own miraculous healing. It’s been ten months, since I crossed over into the light and came back. When I came back to my body in the hospital, I was told I would need a heart transplant. I was having none of that. I have always believed that I would live a really long time, so this news shocked my socks off. I used every tool and technique that I have been teaching and learning for over twenty years and three weeks later, I was healed. My echo was normal. Of course, even though my heart returned to normal, I still needed to regain strength and my family was suffering PTSD. This is especially true for my son, Nick and my husband, who were with me when I went to the hospital in an ambulance.

I am not taking all the credit for my healing, I know that there were other factors in my healing (the miracle of prayer, the unusual incidents of spontaneous healing), but I do know that I used very specific techniques to foster the belief in total healing, total remission. And I used these techniques, when all medical advice was telling me I was seriously ill and in danger of sudden death. (I left the hospital wearing a life vest). So while, the logical world was telling me how sick I was, my internal belief system was switching over to, “Healing is possible. I believe in healing. I believe I can heal.”

After I experienced healing, I, of course, realized the power in applying these techniques to any difficult, seeming impossible situation- whether it is turning a business around, saving a relationship, healing from a break up, healing your body. I felt I was better than I was before, I felt like I had learned a new way of being from crossing over and coming back. I felt like there was a major shift. In fact, when people ask my son today, “How is your mom doing?” He says, “Better than normal.” Which is pretty fantastic, don’t ya think?

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And please save the date, we are starting the Training- How to Heal Anything June 1. This is the only time I will do this program live. (Of course, the replays for each lesson will be available so you don’t need to be on each call live. I know, it’s summer, and you have plans. So don’t worry about being on each call live.) Get training information here.

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