The Art of Attracting Abundance and Prosperity

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The Art of Attracting Abundance and Prosperity

for just $17

This course is for learning how to attract what you really want- especially those elusive,stubborn wishes.

How to increase and maintain your attraction point to match what you want to manifest.

Discover the beliefs that support attracting your ideal life.

Find out what has been stopping you from manifesting your dreams and goals.

Learn how to open your receiving channels for abundance and speed up your attracting process.

Access your highest self and learn how to work with the creativity of the Universe/Source

Discover how to activate your personal attracting power. This is about you being a deliberate creator instead of a “life is happening to me-er”.* If you would love to be better at attracting your goals,  join me for this four module course.

What are others saying?

Thank You, Sheri The clarity, wisdom and support that I have gained from working with Sheri has been amazingly valuable to me. – Joanna S.

Highly Recommend. Having an accomplished coach who has been down the same road to patiently and whole-heartedly share their expertise is crucial. – Monique E.

Amazing Choice for Me and My Biz. Sheri is a supportive, intuitive and brilliant business coach. She consistently shows up for you every step of the way – Annika B.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t miss out on being part of the Art of Attracting Abundance and Prosperity 

Module 1: Discover how to set your attracting point for what you want. Learn why you are attracting your current results and how to increase your manifesting skills.

Module 2: Release the blocks and stories that get in the way of manifesting your goals.

Module 3: Find out what you really want. What are your passions and purpose? What inspires your joy, passion, and fulfillment? Learn how to listen to guidance and intuition.

Module 4: Discover your own individual art of attracting. Accelerate your attraction process.

Here’s What You’ll Get

4 modules. Plus, the downloads for each. (value $497) note:

Visualization, meditation, mindfulness, eft, journal prompts, and more exercises to help you unlock your abundance and proseperity

The Art of Attracting Abundance and Prosperity Worksheets

Unlimited email support for 30 days

Bonus Gift: NEW Masterclass The Art of Healing Your Mind and Life.

2 Part Module On-Demand Training

Create a powerful healing mindset

Live your daily joy no matter what is going on.

Plus journal prompt and tapping exercises.

Discover your best healing habits and the hallmarks of creating the mindset that support your most vibrant self.

This bundle is over a $600 value- get it today for just $17

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