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Grow Your Courage Muscles in Your Biz and Face Your Fears

Strengthen Your Courage Muscles in Your Biz Why are you doing IT anyway? What difference are you making? Whatever IT is, a strong, compelling reason why you are doing IT creates the passion and excitement to move forward and strengthens your courage muscles when you run into inevitable obstacles. Some reasons you may have started[…]

Learn How to Predict Your Business Success

Throughout my career working with business owners and coaching business owners, I have observed the number one predictor of success is simply this: an owner’s possessing a don’t give up attitude.  People who last in business make it through cash flow crisis, self-doubt, changes in markets, changes in the economy, personal crisis, and more.  They[…]

Simple, Effective, Painless Strategies for Business and Personal Planning

Would you love to crack the code on being able to accomplish what you really want? It starts with planning.  Define your values, define your goals based on your values, and create a plan for achieving those goals.  When you do this, you create a map for manifesting what you want in life. Get to[…]

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