Individuals, Groups, and Teams

Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring

Sheri Kaye Hoff and Your Path to Success Enterprises, offer fully customized one on one coaching for coaches, consultants, business owners, healers, and professionals. Team coaching, training and mentoring are available, too.

For Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants and Healers:

Are you making profits that reflect the services and products that you are offering? Are you attracting a steady flow of clients? You started your business because you had an idea that you could help people with your service and products.

When you aren’t reaching people the way you want or growing the way you want, it doesn’t feel good. You might even be tossing and turning at night, or waking up every morning thinking about how you can grow your business.

For Professionals:

Are you making the income you desire in your career? Is your career fulfilling? Are you happy with what you are doing? Do you want to get to the next level? Would you love more personal fulfillment and freedom in your life? You are meant to live a happy, joy filled life that is meaningful and full of rewarding experiences and relationships. And you are meant to be a be able to get the results you want when you set a goal..

This desire to create change is powerful. I admire and appreciate it. And I can help you. I’ve coached hundreds of people with one on one coaching and thousands have been helped by my coaching programs.

When you coach with me you will:

  • Get crystal clear about your vision.
  • Figure out your passion and purpose.
  • Map out a plan that incorporates exactly what you want in your life and biz.
  • Make changes to your daily practices
  • Shift your way of thinking and being
  • Learn how to relax into inspired action
  • Discover how to relax into attracting clients and/or whatever else you want in life.
  • Grow your profits/income without getting completely stressed and overwhelmed
  • Work less with better results
  • Be in the creative flow with new business, service and product ideas turning into cash flow for your biz (for biz owners).
  • See your existing products and services selling at a higher level (for biz owners).
  • Get clear and organized
  • Create effective systems for you that help you increase your profits/income/productivity and free up your time.
  • Enjoy getting happy and relaxed about your biz or career and life.
  • Trust your intuition and leave fear behind.
  • Have fun living your purpose.
  • Get happier. And more…

One on one coaching with me is fully customized based on your needs and happens over telephone, skype or conference line, or you can come see me in person.

Happy Clients

“I have known Sheri since 2011, and since then, I have received so much value from her personal coaching, products, and classes — she offers terrific resources for creating and living a deeply satisfying business and life. Initially, I enrolled in one of her courses and then received life coaching from her. I then participated in her Success Club – listened to the calls and incorporated her worksheets and resource tools into some major life transitions. I have relied on her business coaching, too. Consistently, no matter what venue or medium, she brings top quality to her clients. And in my book, what makes Sheri such an effective coach is the combination of her intelligence, experience, intuition, and practical skills. First off, she is smart as a whip, and she coaches from a foundation of many years of ‘real world’ experience in business and education. Sheri is also highly intuitive, which couples beautifully with her finely-tuned listening and questioning skills. Once we’ve hammered out the challenges, Sheri is intentional in making sure our sessions and my action steps propel me towards my goals. Translation: I’m clearing hurdles, am happier and more relaxed, and I’m making strides! With her as my coach, I have a new depth of confidence because I finally see a clear path to achieving my business, financial, and lifestyle goals. It is exciting to work with her, and I wholeheartedly recommend Sheri’s services and products as excellent tools for upleveling any area of your life.” Christy Calbos

“Working with Sheri has been a great experience. She is truly an inspirational person. Working with her you can feel the vibrant energy she sends through her classes. I made the connection with her through an on line class that I took.. Sheri is a wonderful person to work with. She offers many tools that can be used in everyday life. I think everyone should take or at least try one of Sheri’s classes. It is very well worth it.” Norma S.

“Sheri is generous in sharing her wisdom. For those who prefer the written word, Sheri has written many books on how to live a successful and joyful life. However, words are a small percentage of communication and Sheri enriches the lives of all who listen to her podcasts and web conferences. She blends together her business leadership and teaching experience with personal life lessons to encourage and enlighten her clients lives. Interactive sessions will increase your awareness of what is required to gain clarity and rapidly move forward. Sheri is an excellent, relate-able mentor and coach who is interested in your success.” Doug Jarvie

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Additional Services

In-Person Group Coaching

For groups of six to twelve people and topics are customized based on group needs. Email us to discuss your group coaching needs and to receive a quote.

Corporate Training

Individual development plans (IDP’s), Team Building, Communication Skills, Coaching for performance, and/or Creating positive corporate culture for small and large groups.Email us to discuss your training needs and to receive a quote.

Keynotes: Contact us to discuss your needs.

Sheri Kaye Hoff is one inspirational woman! I had the honor of being an expert speaker on one of her amazing telesummits and made an immediate connection with her. She knows what people want to hear. She is passionate about helping people create change in their lives, and she is someone I’m going to keep my eye on! With her strength and compassion, she holds the power to really make a difference in this world, and that difference is already evident in all that she is and all that she does!”

Cari Murphy, MAPC
Soul Success Coach | Bestselling Author | Radio/Tv/Media Host

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