How to Make Money with Your Lifestyle Blog

Have you wondered about turning your lifestyle blog into a money-making business? My guest, Melissa Vera, shares how she started making money from her “blog cabin” on this podcast episode. Enjoy the episode here:

Melissa, a busy wife & mom, started her blog in 2011 as a deals/coupon blog but it soon morphed into a lifestyle blog. She was only pursuing it part-time while teaching at first. Then, in 2014 the bottom fell out of her world. Faced with health issues (her own & in her family) she decided to stop teaching & pursued blogging full time. Her blog has grown and evolved so much she has created her own office outside of the home! In 2018, the full-time income that it created gave her the income she needed to create her office. She purchased her blog cabin, aka as a “She shed”. Don’t you just love that? Where she virtually hosts on Facebook live: “Chats from the Blog Cabin.”

Melissa is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs get ahead and just recently created a Mastermind for them. At the same time, she also created a blog coaching business. Visit her website: Resources mentioned: (Amazon) 5 Habits of a Woman Who Never Quits and (Amazon) Refuse to Choose

Melissa’s Blog Cabin

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How to Make Money with Your Lifestyle Blog
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