How to Develop the Practical Power of Intuition

Wondering how to develop your intuitive skills for practical application? You’ll love this new podcast episode of the Living Joyfully Show with Host Sheri Kaye Hoff and guest Shoshanna French Stokes from Simple Spirit. Did you know we all have intuitive skills? And you can develop those skills through practice. If you want to make more confident decisions or take the next right steps for you in your life or business, learning how to develop and trust your intuition will help support you. Listen in to this impactful interview.

Shoshanna French’s goal is to cultivate wildly successful leaders through the practical power of intuition.  As the founder of Simple Spirit™, a keynote speaker, and coach to NFL leaders, Broadway and television stars, million and billion-dollar business founders, CEO’s, and business professionals, Shoshanna French generates unpredictable and profound results for leaders who are looking to develop a deeper connection to their purpose.  Visit Simple Spirit

Show Notes


Sheri: Why do not we start by you just telling us a little bit about your journey and how you got to where you are today?


Listening to Intuition Changes Your Life


I always think about those key moments when my intuition hooked me and my entire path change. And I imagine anyone listening has had those experiences. In the moment, it did not seem obvious what was happening. But when you look backwards, you go Oh, yeah, that is totally what happened. The first was when I was in college, and a friend of mine brought me into a bookstore, and I had never been in a metaphysical bookstore before. But when I walked in, the owner of the store said to me, “Oh, there you are”. And I came to find out later that she had an intuitive dream, where she was told, this girl was going to walk into her store and to teach her everything she knew. That was the shift in my journey at that moment.

That was 26 years ago. I now know how to listen. But what had me start my business why I am at where I am at right now is in 2005, I had this journey that I was going on to Europe, and I thought it was a good idea to go with this group of women, we were going to go and do women’s circles, all this kind of cool stuff. However, I did not really have enough money to stay as long as everybody else. I had to rely on a friend to buy me a ticket to get out of Europe. And when I got home, I was in that space of Who am I? What am I going to be when I grow up? And I found myself in a coaching group with this amazing coach, and she recommended that all of us consider starting businesses now. I was like, why would they do that? Because my only point of reference for being a business owner was my dad and he worked all the time. However, I was connected to my intuition and during a meditation, the name Simple Spirit came to me and then a whole, image vision of what the future of owning a business would be like. And it did take me, eight years of building business to get to the place where I stopped having a day job and then was full time in my business, but I learned a lot as you could imagine, along that path, not only about intuition in my personal life and working with so many different clients, but also how to use my intuition to grow my business.

Learning to Trust Your Intuition



It is so inspiring, I have been doing this for 14 years, and I think it’s so inspiring, to meet women like you. I have always trusted, no matter what roller coaster I have been on, that I have trusted my business to lead me where it wanted to go. And that has served me well in my business. I think it is inspiring for people to realize that there are many routes to starting a business. When you talk about intuition, I think one of the things I love about you Shoshana is that you have got this incredible intuitive gift, but you are so down to earth practical. And I think that is a remarkable combination, and helpful to people. When you talk about intuition, can you tell us practical ways that people can start listening more to their intuition.

Practical ways that people can listen to their intuition.



…To me, whoever is listening to this, if you’ve have had experiences where your intuition talked loudly, but now you can’t seem to find the voice of it again, I say pause, get quiet, sit still, ask the question you really want to know and then listen. Sometimes, it takes a little time for intuition to get back to you. Sometimes it is immediate but that is the very first practice that I would recommend that is a practical way is just stop everything you are doing, take a moment, get really clear what it is that you want to know. As an example, people will ask things like, how do I get my business to grow? And that is a big question. I recommend a more specific question, rather than how do I get my business to grow – the kind of question you can ask when you are in that pause moment is more like, what would be the one thing I could do right now that would have my business grow immediately? That would be a specific, yet open question in that pause moment that you could ask and then wait. For some people, their intuition comes like an idea. Like they just know something. That is great! For some people, it is more like they can see the solution in their mind. For some people, they just hear something and for some people, they get kind of like a feeling in the gut. However, your intuition works if you really allow yourself to pause, unplug, ask the question. And then listen. You’ll find your intuition more easily.


In my work with clients, what I notice a lot is that they are doing this, or they may have been doing this for years, just like I was and did not realize that is what they were doing. I would go to sleep and I would ask a question and wake up in the morning with an answer. But I did not really think, “Oh, I’m tapping into my intuition”.  It was just the way I was wired. And one of the things that I loved when you and I first talked is how you talked about strengthening your intuition where you can get beyond just the “should I do this? Or not?” but move to the fine-tuning.”


I do not know if I can even say in any other way than fine tuning? Can you speak to that a little bit?

Fine Tuning Your Intuition


I like to call those micro adjustments. To me, people sometimes think of using intuition in one of two ways, either, like what I call the big decisions in life like the downloads or transmissions is what one of my clients calls it, where a brand-new idea comes in, it is big, maybe kind of radical. Then some people think of intuition just as like those moment to moment, kind of like using in an inner GPS, navigating you. But intuition is useful in both situations. If you are someone who for sure has had that experience where you just got the idea, kind of like the idea for your business, or the idea for the book, or the idea for a new product or service or something like just came to you almost like a lightning bolt, you have had experiences with that, then now focus on those moment-to-moment intuitive hits, sort of like being navigated. Or vice versa. If you are someone who gets a gut instinct, or a knowing in the immediate about decision making, yes or no, in the moment, try to tap into a bigger picture.

And then the second thing is when we use our intuition, it responds to the question we are asking. A lot of people are not actually asking questions. You are unique Sheri, because you use it intentionally but a lot of people, they do not do that and asking questions of your intuition for some people would be something completely brand new, it would have never occurred to engage with their intuition like a tool. That is one of the big adjustments- just relate to it as a tool and ask more questions.


I think for myself that I have a strong analytical, logical, maybe even overthinking mind. But asking intuitive questions and then letting go is a game changer for me. I take the intuitive approach and ask the question and then just let it go, and I call it “let it simmer”. It helps me not overthink it. It is not that you abandon logical thinking in favor of intuitive hits. But they work together. Now, I know that you work in a couple different ways, probably more than just two. But you have clients who come to you and say I am really struggling with this decision; can you help me feel into it? It is more like an intuitive session with you and yet you also help people delve into their own intuitive skills. Can you explain what those two things are and what the differences and how they are both helpful? We all get stuck, and we cannot hear our own intuition.



Some people who come to me, do not relate to themselves as having an intuition at all. When that happens, people tend to come to me as a kind of a guide or someone who has practical, useful advice, because how my intuition works is, I have insight into what is happening, even though I do not know the story. Because how my intuition communicates is it gives me the whole picture. So, one way people come to me is just to do a session where I can tap into where they are stuck. For some people, it is just that practical advice. That is what they needed; they just could not see it. For some people there are some stuck patterns. And I am trained in a lot of different modalities. I can help people get unstuck either mentally, or energetically. I have been working with energy for a long time. The other way people work with me is they relate to themselves perhaps as intuitive, they may or may not have a lot of comfort with how their intuition works, and they need training. A lot of those clients, we work together over time, one on one, and I train them in one how to work with how their intuition works, how to apply it to the areas of life, that they want to have growth in success, whether the growth looks like being more in alignment with who they are, and what they want their life to look like. Or it looks more like using their intuition to do something like grow their business. So that is the two ways that I work with people it, whether you are stuck, and you need someone else to look into what’s going on and help you get unstuck or have insight about your employees or your partner or that like that. Or if you want to learn the skill of intuition.



The easiest way to find me if you want to book an appointment to work with me is by going to my website, That is the easiest way. If you want to book an appointment or if you want to delve into my blogs. If you want to connect with me on social media, I am across four platforms, you can find me on Facebook, under simple spirit tips, you can find me on Instagram Shoshanna French Stokes, you can find me on Twitter, Shoshanna French, you can also find me on LinkedIn under Shoshana French as well. I am highly available across social media. You can also go to and can take a test that will tell you how your intuition works. It is called the intuitive blueprint. So even if you do not want to work with me directly, but you want to better understand how your intuition works. I recommend going there and taking the test.


I highly recommend that people do search you out for your intuitive gifts, skills and knowledge but also because you are just a way cool, awesome, fun person.


Thanks, Sheri. I love that about you. And you are so giving and generous just with your whole spirit. I appreciate that. What I would love for people to recognize is that we are all born intuitive. You have an intuitive gift, it already works, but likely you are just not listening to it and it is 100% possible to train yourself. So please wherever you are in the process, learn to tap in because it is the most useful tool that we have.

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How to Develop the Practical Power of Intuition
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