Day 4 of the 12 Days of Joy How to Reframe and Change the Way You Look at Things

Day 4 of the 12 Days of Joy

Changing the Way You Look at Things

Expect Miracles.

Today, let’s talk about expecting miracles. What a great topic for this time of year! The movies are filled with Christmas and Holiday miracles. In my coaching groups, expecting miracles is a regular thing. What is a miracle anyway? You might automatically think about miracles that seem to defy physics or a miracle might be something nearly impossible to achieve. Yes, those things are miraculous. You might think of stories like the Miracle on Ice about the U.S. underdog Olympic hockey team or the story of Rudy or Bethany Hamilton surfing again after a shark bit off her arm. Or you might think of the miracle of spontaneous remission or dramatic healing.

Let’s expand the idea of a miracle. A miracle is also a shift in thinking. Has this happened to you? You think one way, you might even be stuck thinking one way, and suddenly you have a big shift and a different awareness of your situation or a problem. You change the way you look at things as Wayne Dyer would say, and then the things you look at change.

For example, you see yourself as struggling and stuck, then you ask, “Where are the opportunities showing up in my life?” Suddenly, you notice the things that are working or things that need a slight shift in order to work. You aren’t stuck anymore.

People get tunnel vision and think there is only one way or one path or they think they have looked at every path. In truth, there are always other alternatives.

What's the Reframe?
Expect Miracles

Journal Exercise: Where am I creating tunnel vision in my life? How can I expand how I see this? What would change if I expanded?

Another miracle is when you reframe what is happening. Let’s say you are in a rut and are having a miserable day and you talk to someone who is battling one of the big things in life and they are hopeful, happy, and peaceful. Instantly, you are aware of all the joy and blessings in your own day.

When I look back in my life, some of the biggest shifting points, the biggest miracles were born out of difficulty and challenges. I felt the most alive after my near-death experience because I chose post-traumatic growth and a growth mindset.

Journal Exercise: Choose one thing that feels like an obstacle for you right now and reframe it.

Anything is possible. Life is limitless. It expands when we expand. It contracts when we contract. The more you love, the more you forgive, the more you do your own version of your jubilant, joy-filled happy dance, the more you will see your daily miracles. Expect miracles. What is your miracle today?

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