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The Three Keys for Living Inspired

Would you love more inspiration? Living inspired is the secret to a fulfilled and happy life. But how do you get there when you feel meh, or how do you maintain it when you feel yourself dipping and getting flat or even uninspired? How do you lift yourself up when you have been staying at[…]

7 Books for Growing Your Health Coaching Business

Books change your life. I have loved books since I could first read. Books opened up magical places and ideas for me and have served me well for my whole life. As an avid reader (I often read a book a day), I know the value of books and how a suggested book from a[…]

Expert Ideas for Creating a Successful Mindset

Mindset matters. Your inner game determines the actions that you take each day. When you keep your thoughts and actions going in the direction of fulfillment of your deepest desires, dreams, and goals, you unlock your potential for success. I gathered a group of successful people with different professional backgrounds and industries and asked them[…]

Happiness and Success Go Together

Success is not really success unless you are able to live joyfully on a daily basis. In fact, making a choice to live joyfully everyday brings more and more success on all levels to you. Here are three tips for experiencing more happiness today. 1.See the joy that is around you all of the time.[…]

12 Days of Joy Day 3 Celebrate

Today is Day 3 of 12 Days of Joy… Our topic is Celebration! Celebrations allow your joy to be fully expressed. The very nature of celebrating radiates joy through your life. But celebrations are not always filled with joy. Sometimes they are filled with strain, tension, and stress. Much of the strain, tension, and stress[…]

Relax Into Making Money in Your Biz Hot Tips

You can make a difference and make profits. Relax into making more money in your business. Even if you are new in your business, you most likely have some people who love you and what you offer already. In fact, you probably started your business because of some of these people. If you have a[…]

The Difference Maker for Making Successful Changes

“Failure cannot cope with persistence” Napoleon Hill What is the difference-maker for making successful changes? Hint: It is simpler than you think. We resist change, sometimes we don’t think we can change, and often we fear change. Check out this article that addresses the question of whether people really can change. Cheers to your Fabulous[…]

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