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Choose These Easy Happiness Habits

Optimistic people live longer. Happy people are more successful and productive. Happiness isn’t a mystery, it is a lifestyle choice. How can you choose more happiness in your life? Create more everyday happiness with these tips on the podcast. You weren’t born to be happy or unhappy. You weren’t born to be so-so or “meh”.[…]

Stop the Emotional and Financial Roller Coaster in Your Biz

How to Get off the Emotional and Financial Roller Coaster in Your Biz and Life How you feel affects your business and your life. When you sign a new client or have a record sales week or month, you are probably flying high. Then when you hit a slump or when you feel like the[…]

Inch by Inch Growth or Ride the Wave of Momentum

Sometimes it just feels like your biz moves forward in inches and then maybe back an inch or two. The most fun in biz is when you catch a wave of momentum and see back to back months and even several months in a row of rapid growth. I have to say in my own[…]

Making Powerful and Confident Decisions with This Exercise

  If you own a business, and even if you don’t, life is full of decision-making. And often the decisions seem to be between two or more good things. We learn at a young age to make lists of pros and cons and then to weigh out the best possible solution. But what do you[…]

Is Your Biz on Track for Profits?

Is your biz on the road to making profits? Taking a few minutes to assess the health of your business is well worth the time. It is easy to get distracted by details and forget the big picture and the most important facets of your biz. Take this quiz. Rate each question 1-5 with 5[…]

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