katrine horn

Guest Blog Post Why Self-Love is NOT Self-indulgence by Katrine Horn

Featuring a superb guest blog from my colleague, Katrine Horn: Why Self-Love is NOT Self-Indulgence When you think of self-love, do you think of self-care? Do you immediately feel into delicious massages, fantastic holidays in the Caribbean or gorgeous meals in fancy restaurants? If so, think again. All the above can be enjoyed as rewards or indulgences but in[…]

Following Your Joy in Your Biz Podcast Interview with Katrine Horn

Following Your Joy in Your Biz Interview with Coach Katrine Horn Relax into your business and allow your creativity to unfold. I sat down with Katrine Horn and we discussed the importance of truly enjoying what you do. Find out how Katrine was planning to start one business and then found her true calling in[…]

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