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A clear path for helping more people and using your gifts so you can successfully grow your biz.

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Do wish you had more clients right now?

Do you wish you were charging more for your services, but don't know how?

Do you want a clear path for biz growth? 

Optimal Client Attraction Mastery Inner Circle VIP Program is for attracting more optimal clients, using your gifts, helping more people, and making more money in your biz so you can have the freedom to do what you want. It is for you if you want to live your vision for your biz and life. Inner Circle has been helping biz owners just like you for over five years.

Optimal Client Attraction Mastery Inner Circle VIP Outcomes: 

  • Attracting optimal clients. No more high maintenance, difficult to work with clients.
  • Living your life with more freedom so you can do what you really want.
  • Using your personal power for the highest good of your business and your life.
  • Creating and feeling more everyday joy. 
  • Planning and achieving your goals. 
  • Marketing for heart-centered biz owners so you can say goodbye to marketing tactics that don't feel authentic. 
  • Tapping into your creative flow, prosperity, and abundance so success becomes natural and organic. 
  • Creating new, powerful stories that move your life and biz forward. 
  • Setting short, mid term, and long term goals that make sense for you. 
  • Taking powerful inspired action steps instead of trying to get through an endless to-do list.
  • Increasing your self-awareness, mindset mastery, and emotional intelligence so you can take each right next step that moves you forward. 
  • Adding thousands or even hundred of thousands of dollars in business*. 

When you choose this Offer from Business Coach Sheri Kaye Hoff You'll...


Find out how to attract all of the optimal clients you want to fill your business while staying true to who you are. Learn how to run a successful biz. Learn how to increase traffic to your website and convert leads into clients. 

Take Action

Complete business growth action steps for attracting optimal clients. Create short and long-term planning for marketing and client attraction so that you can take the guesswork out of success. Work through b-school modules for online marketing success.


Master how to get more clients and master your biz mindset through live group coaching calls with plenty of time for Q and A. All calls are available for replay and download. 

What are people saying?

“Sheri Kaye Hoff made the world of owning a company come alive for me. Not only does she offer delicious action steps to make marketing and advertising more fun, she also destroys limiting beliefs and builds confidence by strengthening a business mindset. Sheri’s patience, good humour and insights made a business woman of me and I’m whole-heartedly enjoying the experience. Thank you Sheri!” Katrine Horn Coach, Musician and TED talk speaker https://katrinehorn.com

I started Mastermind because I was starting a new business. I just moved to a new state and did not know anyone. Originally, I wanted to know more about marketing, sales, business plans, and marketing plans. After a month of Mastermind, I realized that I was going to get WAY more than business plans. I can’t thank Sheri Kaye Hoff enough...

Do you wish to feel more powerful, more in control of your business and your life? Well then just let go of it and do it! Join Mastermind. I promise you will get more than you ever expected.” Lori Ann Roth Ph.D., CPLP President, Learning and…Reflective Growth www.LARG.co

Don't miss out on being an Inner Circle VIP Member!

Here's What You'll Get:

  • 24 live one hour group coaching calls over 12 months. Some sample call titles: Super Charge Your Biz, Move out of the Stuckiness of Your Life, Get the Money Flowing In Your Biz, Create Your New Money Story, Marketing with Love...and more. You'll also get the replays and downloads for each call. There is time for Q and A on each call. Your 12 months starts as soon as you register. Each call is a stand-alone call, so you can jump in right away. ($2400 value).
  • Access to the Inner Circle VIP Facebook group where you can meet and interact with VIP members
  • One 30 minute one on one coaching/planning session with Sheri (a $250 value)
  • One 30 minute onboarding session for Inner Circle (priceless)
  • Beta access to select new programs (priceless)
  • Access to innovative ideas and content. (priceless)

Bonus Gift: Booking More Clients 4 Module Workshop (Value $197)

Bonus Gift: Access to 48 archived Inner Circle VIP Replays. (value $4800)

Bonus Gift: Sheri's B-School- An 8 Module On-Demand Webinar Course focused on online marketing. (Value $997)

Regular value price is one payment of $997 (Total value of the program is over $8600)

Special: Today you won't pay $997, you can get 12 months of Optimal Client Attraction Mastery Inner Circle VIP (OCAM) for one payment of $497 or 3 payments of $187

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  • 24 Live Group Coaching and Training calls with Replays over 12 months 
  • One 30 minute one on one coaching session with Sheri
  • One 30 minute onboarding session
  •  Private Facebook Group 
  • Access to Beta Programs 
  • Bonus Gift: Sheri's B-School 8 modules 
  • Bonus Gift: Book More Clients Workshop 4 modules 
  • Bonus Gift: Library of 48 archives replay calls  

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Q. When does OCAM Inner Circle VIP start?

A. Inner Circle is an ongoing program to help you get more clients. You can join now and lock in your rate. 

Q. What if I just started my business?

A. Inner Circle VIP is for people who are want more clients and are in business or are just starting a business but know what type of business they are starting. If you have no idea what you want to do for a business, Inner Circle VIP is not for you. 

Q. What kind of business is Inner Cirle VIP for? 

A. It is for coaches, consultants, service based business, professionals, and small business. Online and offline businesses. If you have more than 50 employees, please contact me so we can discuss other support options for your business. Contact me here

Q. How do I access the calls?

A. The calls are via conference line. You can access through the phone and/or web link. All calls use slides. Reminders and replays are sent to you via email and are also posted in the Facebook group.

Q. How do I have my questions answered during the program?

A.Each call offers live Q and A you can ask questions through typing in a Q and A box or raising your hand on the call. You can also post questions in the Facebook group and email Sheri. 

Q. Who is Inner Circle VIP best for?

A. This program is best for people who like learning through live webinars (or the replay). It is best for people who want to have support and get their questions answered. People who both give and receive support from the Facebook group do very well in this program. If you would love feedback and guidance on what you are doing already, you will love this program. If you need new ideas and a huge mindset boost, you will love this program

Q. How do I pay for the program? 

A. Click the pay link.

Q. What is included in the b-school bonus gift?

A. Sheri's B-School includes 8 on demand webinar learning modules.

Module 1- Everything you need to start or grow your biz and your online marketing  

Module 2- Creating an Effective Website so you can make attract ideal clients  

Module 3 -Your Opt-In and Offer so you can reach your optimal clients with the solutions they want.  

Module 4 - Creating Powerful Webinars so you can nurture your relationship with your clients and customers . Module 5 -Social Media Strategy so you can create organic traffic to your website and expand your brand's presence. Position yourself as the expert. Build credibility. Nurture relationships  

Module 6- Email marketing for nurturing and sales conversions.  

Module 7 - Facebook ads so you can speed up your growth and reduce the time spent on getting organic traffic.  

Module 8 - Sales and CRM (customer relationship management) Build your selling confidence and speak your client's language. Understand your prospect's behavior and know when they want to buy. Give great customer service.

Ready to get started today?

  • 24 Live Group Coaching and Training calls with Replays over 12 months
  • One 30 minute one on one coaching session with Sheri
  • One 30 minute onboarding session
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Beta Programs
  • Bonus Gift: Sheri's B-School 8 modules
  • Bonus Gift: Book More Clients Workshop 4 modules
  • Bonus Gift: Library of 48 archives replay calls

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* Results vary. Growing a business takes effort.