Want to be a difference maker and catalyst for change?

I have been listening to comments and reading feedback. You’ve been hearing about my mastermind over the last couple of weeks and it is coming up soon, starting on Oct 9. I have heard from some of you wondering if you can get my YPTS (Your Path to Success) Life Coaching Certification by itself instead of bundled with the mastermind. The mastermind might not be the right timing for you but, you want to do the coaching training.

The answer is Yes, you can.

You can work through my coaching certification program and invest in just the coaching program.

If you are on the fence deciding about whether to do the mastermind or just the life coaching certification- here is some info to help you out.

The coaching certification is for people who are new coaches or seasoned coaches who want a refresher. It is for you if you want to help support people through coaching. It is for you if you want to build confidence in coaching skills and learn how to create a coaching practice and business/marketing foundation to enroll clients. It is a 4 month program (or you can take it at a slower pace- it is self-paced) I am extending my live event promo deal to my whole email community so you can get it for a limited time for a substantial discount Click Here for Info

The mastermind is for people (small biz owners, coaches, consultants) who are in all goalideasphases of business development (new, some experience, or years in biz) but the key is a desire for explosive biz growth. it is for you if you want to be a difference maker and catalyst for change. It is for you if you want breakthroughs in areas that have been holding you back in your personal or professional life. My mastermind people are people who are serious about growing their businesses and taking it to the next level. And the mastermind offers longer support- 10 months. Plus the certification program is included as a bonus, plus there are 5 extra high value bonuses and an extra limited time discount where you can save on your initial payment. My masterminders also receive access to my full library of resources.

Click Here for Mastermind Info

I am here to support your breakthroughs and success.

To your Success, Freedom & Happiness,


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD

The Inspired Action Success Coach