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How to Stay in Your Personal Power

What great news it is that you are in charge of your own inner peace. People are meaning-makers and the meaning of any situation in life is up to you. I saw a humorous meme that said something like- no matter who wins the election the majority of the problems in your life are still[…]

The Three Keys for Living Inspired

Would you love more inspiration? Living inspired is the secret to a fulfilled and happy life. But how do you get there when you feel meh, or how do you maintain it when you feel yourself dipping and getting flat or even uninspired? How do you lift yourself up when you have been staying at[…]

How to Get Back on Track and Refocus on Your Goals

How are those goals going? If you have stepped off the path or lost focus, guess what? You are not alone. When you set goals, you have passion and commitment in the beginning and this energy keeps you working on them. But then life gets in the way. You get a cold. You have family[…]

How to Create the Year You Want

Being Remarkable Would you love to make this your best year ever? What would a remarkable year look like for you? (Journal Prompt) Start with some goals that make you truly uncomfortable. If you are too comfy, you are not growing. Get uncomfortable. Set goals for each important area of your life and make sure[…]

5 Success Habits to Help You Master the Art of Letting Go

5 Success Habits to Help You Master the Art of Letting Go You probably recognize the feeling of being attached to an outcome. You decide that you must make a certain amount of money. Or you must have a certain number of people in your new program. Or you must have a certain level of[…]

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