podcast interviews

Monetize Your Marketing and Media with Guest Patty Farmer

It’s a crowded market and there is a lot of noise… how will you stand out?In today’s business environment, relationships are the currency, and building REAL relationships that create revenue and get results are key to leveraging your ideal promotional partners & global influencers. It takes more than posting on social media and being a[…]

Tips for Better Content Marketing with Guest Melanie Herschorn

Need some support and fresh ideas for your content marketing? You will love my guest Melanie Herschorn who specializes in content marketing strategies. In the show notes, I also share her content quiz so you will know exactly where you are in terms of your own content marketing. Enjoy the episode. A content marketing strategist[…]

Podcast Interview with Single Mum Survival Guide Author Vivienne Smith

Brilliant author, speaker, networking expert, and coach Vivienne Smith sat down with me (virtually that is) to talk about how she got started in her business. You can listen in on the podcast. She shares how she got started and her wisdom on overcoming inevitable obstacles when you are pursuing more than one passion. Vivienne[…]

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