How to Create the Year You Want

Being Remarkable Would you love to make this your best year ever? What would a remarkable year look like for you? (Journal Prompt) Start with some goals that make you truly uncomfortable. If you are too comfy, you are not growing. Get uncomfortable. Set goals for each important area of your life and make sure[…]

How to Unlock Your Goals with Successful Planning

Unlock Your Goals with Successful Planning I walked out the door with my box of stuff from my desk. The sun was shining. I felt full of possibilities and scared to death at the same time. After giving a one month notice, I had just worked my last day at my job. I said goodbye[…]

Frankly, this surprised me

I have been home from my New Year’s trip to Cozumel, Mexico for about a week (if you are going, be sure to get your waterproof dive map for one of the best dive and snorkeling destinations).  I am sharing a pic above of one the spectacular sunsets at our resort. It definitely was a jolt[…]

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