overcoming procrastination

7 Proven Keys to Inspire Momentum and Bold Action

If you are trying to grow your business, how willing are you to be vulnerable and let your humanity shine? When you let yourself be vulnerable and share your true you and your true heart, people respond. People don’t want perfect. Perfection is irritating. I admit that I have a strong perfectionist streak in my[…]

The Three Keys for Living Inspired

Would you love more inspiration? Living inspired is the secret to a fulfilled and happy life. But how do you get there when you feel meh, or how do you maintain it when you feel yourself dipping and getting flat or even uninspired? How do you lift yourself up when you have been staying at[…]

How to Create and Maintain a High Energy Life and Attract What You Want

Your energy level affects your ability to attract what you want in life. Creating high energy and high enthusiasm attracts the highest and best to you and your people. Have you felt energetic lately or do you feel exhausted and drained or sort of “meh”? This is something you can change quickly with a few[…]

Happy New Year Wishing You Magic and Miracles

Happy New Year Happy New Year!It’s page one of 365. Your 2020 will bring to you what you bring to it. My dream is that you love yourself through the wins, the obstacles, the setbacks, and the overcoming. This is a journey. There is glory and joy in all of it. Choose joy as your[…]

Day 5 of 12 Days of Joy Taking Inspired Action Today

Day 5 of the 12 Days of Joy Taking Inspired Action Today Does this sound familiar? You have a ton of things to do. Your list seems endless and overwhelming. Some tasks feel like a must, but you aren’t excited about them. Other items are experiences you really want, but perhaps you wonder how you[…]

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