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The Three Keys for Living Inspired

Would you love more inspiration? Living inspired is the secret to a fulfilled and happy life. But how do you get there when you feel meh, or how do you maintain it when you feel yourself dipping and getting flat or even uninspired? How do you lift yourself up when you have been staying at[…]

Happy New Year Wishing You Magic and Miracles

Happy New Year Happy New Year!It’s page one of 365. Your 2020 will bring to you what you bring to it. My dream is that you love yourself through the wins, the obstacles, the setbacks, and the overcoming. This is a journey. There is glory and joy in all of it. Choose joy as your[…]

12 Days of Joy

Welcome to this year’s holiday blogging event.  It’s that time of year on my blog where I post every day for 12 days with inspiration, motivation, blessings, and strategies for you as you live each day of your amazing life and as you create your own unique path to success. I will also include special[…]

Day 10 of 12 Days of Christmas Staying Focused and Centered

Day 10 of 12 Days of Christmas How to Stay Focused, Centered,  and Grounded so… You can enjoy your Holidays and truly be present in the moment. You probably have a lot on your schedule over the next few days. Maybe you have a few last-minute presents to buy, food to cook, parties to attend,[…]

Happiness and Success Go Together

Success is not really success unless you are able to live joyfully on a daily basis. In fact, making a choice to live joyfully everyday brings more and more success on all levels to you. Here are three tips for experiencing more happiness today. 1.See the joy that is around you all of the time.[…]

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