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Three Keys for Manifesting the Life You Want

Do you ever get overwhelmed with all of the thoughts running through your mind? or have you spent time in the “life is hard” mindset? or do you set a goal and then stay obsessed and worried about the results? Here are three key practices for overcoming the overwhelm and activating relaxed inspired action and[…]

How to Make Business Planning Easy and Fun

Would you love to crack the code on being able to accomplish what you really want? It starts with planning.  Define your values, define your goals based on your values, and create a plan for achieving those goals.  When you do this, you create a map for manifesting what you want in life. Do you[…]

Three Powerful Keys to Living Your Vision

Do you wonder if you are making the most of your days, weeks, months, and years? You are probably successful in many areas and have close relationships, so your life is moving along and you are comfortable and that is awesome.  But did you know that people who have created a three-year or more vision plan achieve[…]

Making Your Dreams Your Reality

Making Your Dreams Your Reality Day 4 of 12 Days of Holiday Joy Dreaming is fun. I do remember a time in my life when I realized that at some point I stopped dreaming big. I was caught up in the daily details of working, raising kids, going to school and managing a household. I[…]

5 Surprisingly Simple Steps to Increase Your Abundance

Living abundantly is a state of mind. Living abundantly is a choice. Create an abundant and prosperous mindset through daily focus and loving the present moment. A huge key to abundance is being open to receiving. Notice if you feel open to the good things and thoughts that are coming your way. Can you accept[…]

5 Ways to Obliterate Limiting Beliefs

What is a limiting belief? Notice what you use after you say the word “because”…. in a sentence. E.G. My business is struggling because of the economy. I can’t lose weight because of my metabolism. I can’t go back to school because I don’t have the money. You can only receive in your life what[…]

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