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Tips for Better Content Marketing with Guest Melanie Herschorn

Need some support and fresh ideas for your content marketing? You will love my guest Melanie Herschorn who specializes in content marketing strategies. In the show notes, I also share her content quiz so you will know exactly where you are in terms of your own content marketing. Enjoy the episode. A content marketing strategist[…]

3 Ways to Create a Message That Resonates with Your Optimal Clients

3 Ways to Create a Message that Resonates with Your Optimal Client Do you wonder how to reach your people you are meant to serve? Have you had thoughts that marketing is not fun at all or maybe you even dread that part of your business? You will love this 11-minute video on successful messaging.[…]

Grow Your List with this Collaborative Technique

Are you looking for new ways to grow your list? Or do you wonder why it is important to grow your list in the first place? I actually hear this one a lot. New biz owners will comment that they don’t understand why they need a list when they are active on social media. Or[…]

How to Grow Your Biz with Quizzes

Can you resist a quiz? Whether it is a quiz on what color describes your personality on Facebook or one that tells you your money profile or another one that helps you identify other personality traits,  quizzes are irresistible. Why are they so magnetic? Probably because they are interactive and customized. A quiz seems more[…]

59 Blogging Topics for Life or Business Coaches

  59 Blogging Topics for Life or Business Coaches You know the feeling. You have your next blog post coming up and when you start thinking about a possible topic, you draw a blank. Inspiration just isn’t coming. All coaches who are content marketers have been there.  If you occasionally get stuck when trying to[…]

31 Ways to Make More Money in Your Business

31 Ways to Make More Money in Your Business Almost every business owner wants to know how to make more money. Cash flow is king.  My own surveys that I took over a two year period show that people are primarily interested in two things: they want to do work that inspires them, and they[…]

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