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Three Keys to Getting Your Message Out to the World Video

Video summary: Reach your optimal client with these three keys. Be willing to be vulnerable, authentic and create a clear message.

People relate to your humanness, not perfection. When you are willing to be vulnerable, you are relatable. Eleven years ago, when I was writing my first book, I was trying to write a book on leadership, and I kept getting intuitive nudges to go a completely different way and to write a spiritual book. After trying to push away those intuitive hits,  I finally just let the ideas flow. For the first time in my professional life, I wrote about the tragedy that shaped my young adult life and put me on a quest to discover why some people are happy and some are not. And I also became willing to share how I was able to find my own personal joy. This first book, Keys to Living Joyfully, was a turning point for me, for my biz, and for my life.

I learned an important lesson. Growth comes from being willing to be vulnerable. Great things never came from comfort zones. So share some of the hard parts, the life lessons you have learned when you create your content marketing, your books, and your speaking. Everyone has their own personal struggle, your story will inspire and encourage your optimal clients.

The next key piece is authenticity which goes hand in hand with vulnerability. Learn from the masters, but be you. The world has only one of you. Your voice is important. When you admire someone, learn from them, but still be you. You don’t have to be just like anyone else. Be real. Be you. People love that and your optimal clients will love you, too.

The third key which is clarity drives home your resonating message. Be clear on these levels.  What is your promise or your pinnacle outcome? And who is your optimal client? People want to know, “What am I getting out of this? and they also want to recognize themselves in the problem/solution. Keep going deeper on your optimal client profile.

When you keep these three keys in mind, your messaging will start reaching your people, opens will increase, link clicks will increase and your business will grow.


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