Create Your Professional and Personal Life Success, Get Rid of Fear, and Live Your Joy

“I’ll be so happy when….” (fill in the blank). 
Often, people think happiness is cause and effect, that the circumstances create happiness or take happiness away.

In reality, happiness is the beginning.
Happiness is right now, not someday.
Be happy right now and your goals will come to you.

You don't have to wait for joy or wait for
happiness to happen to you. You can
choose to be happy right now.

Be successful by Living Your Joy.
One of the terrific benefits from increasing joy in your life is that you raise your energy vibration and then achieving your goals and attracting success becomes easier.

Happy people make more money.
Happy people are 12% more productive when working.

Abundance is a natural result of joy. As you feel better and happier, you attract your matching energy vibration to you.
When you feel great, you attract greatness.
The best attracts the best.

Deciding that joy is one of the most important things to focus upon is an amazing way to create a prosperous lifestyle where you live your life your way on your terms.

Make the difference you desire in your community, your world.

It all starts with joy.

And living a joyful, happy life is a learned way of being.

That is why I created this course; Living Your Joy.

You will learn how to:

Increase your every day joy, shift your mindset, and raise your energy level through proven exercises and techniques that combine mind, body, and spirit.

Release fear that interrupts and blocks your success and joy even if that fear has been a part of your life for a long time.

Unlock your intuitive guidance regarding your goals and action steps.

Speed up your goal achieving process in a way that feels natural, relaxed, and flowing.

Create plans and goals that line up with who you really are.

Take the stress out of money issues and learn how to bring in more money and create abundance this year.

Make a positive impact on your bottom line.

Align with the energy of creating your ideal lifestyle now- not someday.

The course includes:
 4 On-Demand Webinars.
Guided Visualizations,
Mindset Shifting Exercises,
And Unlimited Email Support for the Duration of Course

All of this utilizing Sheri Kaye Hoff's proven methods for supporting her clients as they experience more success and joy
in their lives and businesses.

And... it's only $27.
I have offered and filled 4 week classes for over $497, This is an incredible value.

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So Here's Everything You Get...

  • 4 Recorded 60 minute Coaching Calls Via Webinar  ($397 value)

  • 4 Mindset Shifting "Hands On" Exercises Each module ($97 value)

  •  4 Guided Visualizations 
    ($97 value)

  • 4 Worksheet Assignments for Each Call ($97/value

  • Unlimited Email Support With Sheri to Help YOU Live Your Joy ($197/ value)

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