How Flexibility Increases Your Results in Life and Biz

How Flexibility Increases Your Results in Life and Biz

Your results in your life are related in a large part to how you handle change. Some changes in your life are related to the decisions you have made and some changes seem thrust upon you through no action or mistake on your part. These are the events that are out of your control: natural disasters, a pandemic, or a widescale economic downturn. But even the smaller things like not getting the promotion you were looking for or technology advances in your industry that force you to learn and change can seem to cause chaos in your life. Or even relationships that don’t work out throw you a curve ball.

Basically, anything that shifts you out of your normal routine is a change. Some people seem to be better at weathering or even thriving with change than other people.

Even small changes can make us crabby. Recently, the local establishment near my husband’s business closed due to the pandemic. My husband’s normal routine was to stop by for lunch almost every day. He had friends he would see and a standing Friday lunch with a group of guys that had been meeting for years. Stepping out of his usual social routine caused tension and stress in his life. He had to figure out a new way of maintaining his connections. Loneliness and isolation weigh on a person.


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Your level of flexibility and adaptability will either stop you or catapult you forward.

Right now, just about everyone is adapting in major ways. People are finding new ways to continue and run their businesses. People are finding ways to help each other. In our town, one of the senior moms at a local high school created an adopt a senior program to help all the high school seniors feel special during this time when they would normally be having proms, graduations, and awards ceremonies.

My son is completing his Freshman year of college remotely. People are finding ways to exercise without going to the gym. And so on. Where there is will there is a way.

Doctor’s are adapting to telehealth appointments. Everywhere you look, you see innovation and creativity.

However there is also a lot of conflict, bitterness, and blame going on. It is easy to get caught up in this but it is not the way to adapt, grow, and thrive.

According to the Center for Creative leadership, these three methods of flexible thinking are crucial to adapting to change a) ‘cognitive flexibility’, using different thinking strategies and mental frameworks; b) ‘emotional flexibility’, varying your approach to dealing with your own emotions and those of others; and c) ‘dispositional flexibility’, remaining optimistic and at the same time realistic.

Your level of flexibility and adaptability will either stop you or catapult you forward.

Journal Prompt: How do you adapt to change?

Here are some keys for increasing your adaptablity:

Don’t play the blame game. Finding someone to blame takes your mind off solutions and fosters a victim mentality. No one is perfect and people will make mistakes when facing abnormal situations. In hindsight, there will always be decisions that could have been different but that is why it is called hindsight. There is value in examining decisions so better decisions can be made in the future, but assigning blame is useless. Have you noticed that there are people who blame everyone else or anyone who doesn’t agree with them? Don’t blame yourself either. Move to solution-oriented thinking. Strive to become part of the solution.

Help yourself and others feel grounded. Practice your daily rituals like journaling, yoga, exercise, meditation, or whatever you normally do to feel centered. When change occurs, these are the things people throw out the window or forget completely. Do the things that bring you peace and encourage others.

Know yourself. Understand your own reactions. You can be gentle with yourself and understand that your reactions to other people might be rooted in your own resistance to change.

See multiple solutions. Be able to see other people’s perspectives. When it comes to the big things in life, there are few solutions that are absolutely right. Practice by listening to viewpoints that are contrary to your own.

Remember that you control your response. You may not control what is happening, but your response is under your control.

See the opportunity. What is the opportunity in the change? Do you have time to learn new methods or approaches to your business or life?

“You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.” -Ralph Marston

Ask for support. Do you need someone to listen? Do you need advice? Do you need expertise? Do you need information? Do you need help with a project?

Access your creativity and ask big thinking questions. A new, dramatic change requires different thinking. K9Bytes, a small company who hand sews custom dog and cat collars and leashes, started making masks for the owners. I bought a few. She fulfilled a need and also found a new avenue for her creativity.

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