21 Top Thoughts on Leadership and Mindset Mastery

Leadership and Mindset Mastery with Sheri Kaye Hoff

21 Top Thoughts on Leadership and Mindset Mastery 

Every person lives by looking through the lens of his or her view of the world, also referred to as a paradigm. Decisions are made based on this worldview. A change in or shift in your worldview often leads to dramatic growth. The biggest strides I have ever taken in my life and biz were when I had paradigm-shifting moments. Your worldview can shift in a moment based on profound experiences.

Leadership speaker and author Robin Sharma describes his visit to the jail where civil rights activist and President of South

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Africa, Nelson Mandela, spent many years as a shifting experience for him, because knowing something occurred is different than getting a glimpse into what it actually was like to live in those conditions. You can read more about Mandela’s remarkable life in this book, Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela.

One of my most recent paradigm shifts happened when I nearly died. I went out of my body and into the light and then returned to my body. I was unconscious for twelve hours, but it felt like minutes and at the same time, it felt like forever. When I left ICU and recovered, I had changed forever. I had been working and teaching on business growth, happiness, mindset, and leadership for many years, and yet I felt this incredible new appreciation for each breath I took, for each moment, and truly the small stuff fell away. Nothing bothered me. My friends said I seemed to glow.

Though each paradigm shift in my life was not this extreme, each had common factors. I faced a crisis, turning point, or a stretching to a new direction. I went to a higher level of thinking, understanding, and living.

However, even though trauma can definitely lead to post-traumatic growth and a shift in your worldview, you don’t have to experience a trauma. Post-traumatic growth is when trauma propels you to feeling more gratitude and to appreciate life in a new way. You may feel stronger and feel like you see more clearly.

What I find fascinating is that you can actually create paradigm-shifting experiences like Robin did by traveling to Nelson Mandela’s jail.  Philosopher and self-help author, Wayne Dyer spoke often about his deeply moving visits to spiritual places during his Experiencing the  Miraculous European tour. Dyer wrote many books on personal development, my favorite is Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting where he focuses attention on how thoughts create our reality.

Experiences and places can, indeed, shift you to a new way of thinking. I personally, felt incredibly moved by visiting Notre Dame Cathedral and several centuries-old churches in Europe last year.

Sometimes an adventure can create a shift. My friend DeBora and I fought off a shark in a kayak in the ocean to save her dog. The adrenaline was pounding. After that experience, I had moved to a new level of confidence. If I could fight off a shark, I could do anything.

Another way to shift to new levels of understanding and being is to study and learn new ideas through books, articles, courses, travel, retreats, the arts, talking with people, is exploring your spirituality, and living- really living.

You choose. You are always in the place of choice. You can take this moment right now and decide to master your mindset, grow your leadership skills and be the inspiration to the people around you.

Here are some of my core beliefs and favorite leadership and mindset mastery thoughts based on my 20 plus years of experience and research to inspire you to your next level.

  1. “Decision” is genius. When we are on the fence- we are most vulnerable and uncomfortable. Choose your action step and take it. Use the words, “I decided” in your language. I decided to grow my business. I decided to be fit and healthy. I decided to travel. I decided to write my book. I decided to build my retirement account. I decided to have six months worth of savings in an emergency fund. I decided to have fun. I decided… etc. When you say “I decided” before a goal that you are trying to achieve, you put a lot of power and energy into it. Try it and see how it feels.
  2. Relax into inspired action, The more you relax, the more you can be in the flow and tap your natural energy.
  3. Relax into your success.Cultivating deep relaxation unlocks creativity. Worry closes off and chokes success.
  4. See yourself as a person capable of long-term success. How you see yourself drives your success.
  5. If you have big goals and you feel like you are not moving forward, ask yourself- What are the areas in my life where I am hesitating? Pause for a moment and write those things down. Hesitation can become a habit. When you act on your areas of hesitation, you will often find everything else speeds up and your big goals become a reality.
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  7. Instead of trying to prevent things from happening to you, focus on what it is that you do want. 
  8. The moment you decide and say- I’m doing it– you unleash unstoppable energy from within.
  9. Why don’t more people truly change and do and be what they want to do and be? These aren’t the only answers, but they are two good ones. a. It is easiest to stay the same- for a while, but eventually, the pain will become too great… and change becomes a must. For example, that feeling of hitting rock bottom. b. People feel like they keep making the same mistakes over and over and then look for evidence to prove that indeed- it is true- they have not changed. But what happens when you are looking for evidence to your already predetermined conclusion? You prove yourself right.
  10. Don’t let anything regarding your past efforts haunt you. Get focused on this moment by saying, “I am here now. I feel my feet on the ground.” Then deliberately choose the thought you want to think.
  11. . Do the work. Work through the fear. And let the results be what they are. The real victory and real change are in the process of fiercely making the impact in the world that makes an important difference to you and those around you. Be fierce about what is important to you. And if you work with clients, be fierce about what is important to them
  12. Your approach to time affects your success and inner peace on a daily basis, your thoughts and beliefs about money impact your financial situation every day, and fear is what keeps you from taking the actions steps that you really want to take. What if you felt like you had all of the time you want to do what you want? What if you didn’t worry about money? What if fear didn’t keep you from making the changes that you want? Then what would you think about and do? Would you be attracting clients at a higher level? Would your business be more profitable? Would you take more vacations? Would you have more time to play? More time to give in the areas that are most important to you?
  13. When you take an action, you keep a promise to yourself.The more you keep your promises, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more you attract your desired results.
  14. Make up your mind that things are different now. You are paving a new path. This is your time. This is your signature year.
  15. In order to lead others, be the example, you have to be the inspiration. Great personal leadership translates into being able to successfully lead others.
  16. Decision is completely different than just thinking about something. If I say, I am thinking about eating out tonight. I haven’t decided. If I say, I’m calling the restaurant to make a reservation and I get in my car and start driving there, I have decided. Hop off the fence and make a decision. Decision creates commitment.
  17. To create the life you want: know what you want. When you make a clear decision, you begin to pave the way. How do you get clear about knowing what you want? Write in a journal, do some research, ask questions. Listen to your intuitive voice.
  18. Take inspired action. Try something. Many plans stay just that- plans. Success requires action. Inspired action is different than desperate reaction or forced action. When you let the inspiration in, your action steps flow and don’t feel hard. You might be taking massive inspired action, but it feels fun and exciting.
  19. Project completion gives only a fleeting moment of satisfaction. Enjoy more of the process.
  20. The best are attracted to the best. When you are feeling great emotionally, you magnetize greatness to you.The best way to start feeling better is to appreciate what you have. Make a list. Write until you can feel your energy lifting.

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